IBC Now Seeking Entries for the IBC2013 Innovation Awards

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Thu, 12/13/2012 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Call for entries are now open for the IBC2013 Innovation Awards which celebrate the best of collaboration and technology. “Our awards are so highly sought because they reflect what is really important in the industry today ” said IBC’s Michael Lumley the chair of the Innovation Awards judging panel. “To transform a media business creatively technically or commercially you need more than just good technology you need to drive it through your business fulfilling a real definable need. If you do that you will make a real difference in your organization – and maybe win an IBC Innovation Award.” The unique nature of the IBC Innovation Awards is that they do not go to technology companies for new products but instead to end users – broadcasters production companies and media organizations – who bring together the best of innovation to achieve their goals. Some entries will be made by technology companies who are proud of what they have delivered but frequently the nominations come from the end user who wants to share their success with their peers. So in recent years nominations have come direct from organizations as diverse as TV Globo in Brazil RIA Novosti in Russia and Turner Broadcasting in the USA. “The awards also reflect the changing nature of the industry ” added Lumley. “Last year all three Innovation Awards were won by new media applications rather than conventional broadcast systems. We celebrated a companion app video on demand via XBox and a video server network to capture and replay sports action for the referees.” There are three categories in the IBC Innovation Awards: for the most innovative projects in Content Creation Content Management and Content Delivery. In 2012 they were taken by FX UK for its companion app to The Walking Dead by American motor sport NASCAR for its video capture and replay system and by Channel 4 in the UK for its delivery of the 4OD video on demand service through the Microsoft XBox using the Kinect controller. There is also a Judges’ Prize. The panel of international editors and consultants who review the entries may choose one of the category winners or may give their award to another project which has impressed during the year. In 2012 the Judges’ Prize went to FIMS the joint initiative between AMWA and EBU to develop a standardized platform for connectivity in file-based architectures. Entries for the IBC2013 Innovation Awards should be submitted by February 22 2013. To find out more about the IBC Awards and to submit your entry to the IBC2013 Innovation Awards please visit www.ibc.org/awards.