Harmonic Releases Ultra HD Guidebook

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Thu, 05/07/2015 - 09:04 -- Nick Dager

Harmonic has released the Complete Ultra HD Guidebook, providing industry professionals with a free reference tool for understanding what the company calls next-generation video. 

Created in collaboration with Dolby and The Diffusion Group, Harmonic's new guidebook offers a detailed examination of the technological innovations and standards that are defining UHD video and audio, as well as a realistic assessment of the market dynamics that will determine the pace at which UHD matures and diffuses.

UHD video represents the next big step in the evolution of video recording, processing and display technology. This guidebook provides:

A detailed discussion of the key technological elements that define UHD video and audio.
A review of the specific drivers and inhibitors that will determine the pace at which UHD permeates throughout the TV ecosystem and into consumer homes.
An in-depth analysis of how UHD will impact legacy and broadband business models, with recommendations for key industry stakeholders to ease the transition to UHD.

The Complete UHD Guidebook can be downloaded for free at http://info.harmonicinc.com/Ebook-UHD-Guidebook.