Halseys Signed to Edit Corey Weissman Story

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Tue, 11/13/2012 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

The acclaimed film editing team of Richard and Colleen Halsey has been signed to edit 1 000 to 1: The Cory Weissman Story. Richard Halsey won an Oscar winner for Rocky; Colleen Halsey edited Edward Scissorhands.  The film which just wrapped principal photography in Pennsylvania is the true story of a young basketball player who suffered a catastrophic stroke as a freshman at Gettysburg College and returned to the court for one remarkable moment in the last game of his senior year.  The film’s producers Bob Burris and Bruce Gordon made the announcement. With more than 70 features to their credit Richard and Colleen Halsey have edited such noteworthy films as That Championship Season Next Stop Greenwich Village Harry and Tonto Down and Out in Beverly Hills Sister Act Moscow on Hudson and Big Stan. The cast of 1 000 to 1 includes David Henrie (Wizards of Waverly Place) as Cory Emmy-award winner Beau Bridges (The Descendants) Hannah Marks (Necessary Roughness)  Cassi Thomson (Big Love) Jean Louisa Kelly (Yes Dear) Luke Kleintank (Gossip Girl) and Academy Award nominee Michael Lerner (Barton Fink). Produced by former longtime Disney executive Gordon and Burris (Growing Pains) who also wrote the script  1 000 to 1: The Cory Weissman Story is directed by Michael Levine (Nowhere Man). Legendary trumpet player and six-time Grammy Award winner Arturo Sandoval who won an Emmy for the score to the HBO film of his own life story For Love or Country (starring Andy Garcia) will compose and record the score for the film. 1 000 to 1 tells the inspiring true story of Weissman a 1 000-point high school basketball star who suffered a life-threatening stroke at the end of his freshman year leaving him paralyzed on the left side. The chances of him surviving the stroke at all were bleak.  The odds of him returning to the court were astronomical. Three years later in the last game of his senior year improbably even impossibly Cory returned to the basketball court. What happened next rivals the most emotional moments in college sports history; a moment covered by dozens of national media outlets including ESPN Sports Illustrated and The New York Times. ,3685
Dolby Atmos Cinema Processor Now Available for Purchase,2012-11-14,Dolby has announced the pre-sale availability of the Dolby Atmos Cinema Processor CP850 which includes the Dolby Atmos Commissioning Service with purchase. The technology will be featured in Life of Pi which is being released later this month. The new Dolby CP850 offers a complete audio solution to today’s digital cinema theatres. In addition to Dolby Atmos playback the Dolby CP850 offers support for 64 speaker feeds and is configurable between 16 analog outputs and a Dolby Atmos Connect output Dolby Surround 7.1 and 5.1 digital playback (PCM as part of DCI movies). It also supports common consumer formats used with alternative content in cinemas: Dolby Digital Plus Dolby Pro Logic II Dolby TrueHD and Dolby E. When more than 16 channels of output are needed the Dolby CP850 uses Dolby Atmos Connect an audio-over-Ethernet protocol designed to efficiently send a high number of digital audio channels to multiple end points including amplifiers and analog breakout boxes. The Dolby Atmos Commissioning Service is included with each purchase of the Dolby CP850. The service provides a review of the cinema’s sound-system design to ensure that the speakers and amplifiers have the necessary performance and room coverage to deliver a high-quality Dolby Atmos experience. Also included is the initial room equalization after the equipment is installed. Since its debut at last year’s CinemaCon Dolby Atmos has received strong support from the cinema industry. Major Hollywood studios that feature Dolby Atmos in production include Disney•Pixar Twentieth Century Fox Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. Major North American exhibitors including AMC Theatres ArcLight Cinemas Brenden Theatres Cinetopia  Cineplex Entertainment CinemarkTheatres  Kerasotes ShowPlace ICON Cinemas Maya Cinemas and Santikos Theatres  have installed Dolby Atmos audio systems in their theatres. Five movies were produced in Dolby Atmos last year including Disney•Pixar’s Brave; Twentieth Century Fox’s Taken 2 Chasing Mavericks and Life of Pi; and Warner Bros.’ The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Titles currently scheduled for release in 2013 in Dolby Atmos include Paramount Pictures’  Star Trek Into Darkness and Warner Bros.’ Gravity and Pacific Rim. In addition international movie productions using Dolby Atmos are currently in discussion or will be started in 2013 from movie studios in China France Germany India Korea Spain and the United Kingdom. Acclaimed Singapore director Jack Neo’s upcoming movie Ah Boys to Men released in Dolby Atmos on November 6. ,3686
Corus Entertainment Google and Shaw Media Support Canada’s ideaBoost,2012-11-14,Corus Entertainment Google and Shaw Media have announced that they are lending their support to ideaBoost a new accelerator program initiated by the Canadian Film Centre Media Lab. IdeaBoost offers financial backing strategic guidance and mentor support to help convert high-potential Canadian digital content ventures into commercially successful offerings. CFC's IdeaBoost also announced the first group of content creators selected to participate in the four-month program. Chosen from a competitive crowd-sourced voting process the eight selected companies reflect a full range of digital projects that have already engaged audiences across the country.   The commitment we have from Google Corus Entertainment and Shaw Media truly underscores the unique nature of the IdeaBoost concept says Ana Serrano Chief Digital Officer CFC. IdeaBoost is an evolved accelerator program designed to propel both new and established production companies to achieve commercial success in the rapidly expanding world of digital entertainment.” Support from Shaw Google and Corus for the CFC Media Lab's IdeaBoost includes a commitment from each media organization to provide the selected companies with critical advice and resources in the areas of product development business strategy and audience engagement to help advance their product development plans into commercial viability. With the launch of IdeaBoost CFC issued an open invitation to digital content creators from across Canada to submit their 'engaged entertainment' project. The winning candidates receive $15 000 in seed capital for their project as well as intensive hands-on input and mentor support from some of the best minds in the entertainment media and technology worlds. The final chosen projects are: The Path (SmokeBomb Entertainment) The Buffer Film Festival (Apprentice A Productions) AsapScience (Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown) Ramen Party (Lillian Chan and Justin Poon) Rollers of the Realm (Phantom Compass) Your Task // You Shoot Things (YT//ST Labs) Loud on Planet X (Pop Sandbox) and The Ghost Town Project (Intuitive Pictures). Our goal with IdeaBoost is to create sustainable economic development across Canada by giving digital media entrepreneurs the skills to generate revenue from great ideas says Slawko Klymkiw CEO Canadian Film Centre. Paul Burns vice president digital media Shaw Communications said We're always looking for powerful ideas coming from Canadians. IdeaBoost's focus on emerging Canadian companies that blend technology and entertainment innovation is something we're excited about. As far as technology accelerators go IdeaBoost has a nice focus on entertainment which we feel is fertile ground for innovation and investment – right here on home soil. Jeremy Butteriss director of strategic partnerships Google Canada said  Google is committed to supporting Canada's thriving content community. Many Canadian producers are already highly successful on YouTube attracting audiences from Canada and around the world and we hope that number continues to grow. IdeaBoost celebrates the convergence of entertainment and technology across all platforms and we're proud to be part of this important initiative. We're also excited that two YouTube stars are among the eight IdeaBoost finalists. Scott Dyer chief technology officer Corus Entertainment said  IdeaBoost's focus on digital entertainment and audience engagement is extremely compelling for Corus Entertainment. We're looking forward to working together to help turn some of these prototype projects into viable saleable properties that can be leveraged across the full range of audience engagement platforms.” ,3688
Getting Creative with Mic Placement for Castle,2012-11-14,John Agalsoff Jr. has been in charge of sound for many major television series features and commercials. At present he’s working on the hit ABC series Castle. “The show presents some unique challenges for sound in that a lot of our locations are quite noisy ” he says. “Sometimes that requires us to get creative with our microphone placement techniques.” “Some of the downtown apartment buildings in Los Angeles will double for New York ” he says. “The camera is usually at the back of the hallway with our actors approaching it. I usually position myself if possible down an intersecting hallway to reach the actors at the deep end and bring them in towards the camera reaching the deep marks as well as the close marks. K-Tek boom poles are long enough to give us the reach and solid enough to be steady.” Agalsoff uses the K-Tek 5-section KS-246 Klassic Stage Pole and Avalon short pole K-Tek Shock Mounts Sennheiser Mics and Lectrosonic Wireless Mics on this series.  “One of the other things I noticed about the K-Tek is its positive locking system ” he explains. “Other poles I’ve used tend to loosen and slide whereas the K-Tek locks without effort and stays locked. “On stage we do a lot of constantly moving dolly shots and this is where the long reach of the Klassic pole really helps. When we are on the Castle Loft set we usually shoot a wide angle shot from the back of the set and bring the actors in from the front door or from Castle’s office. This puts the camera at a great distance deep in the set. With the longer Klassic K-Tek pole I am able to work from the back or the side of the camera dolly track and reach the actors as they walk and talk to their final marks usually in the kitchen or couch in the living room. On some angles I work from the staircase above the set and hang it off from above to reach the actors as they get to their final marks on the set. It is easy because the poles are solid and lightweight at the same time.” “The precinct set also offers unique challenges ” he continues. “The camera is usually at the back of the set and our actors approach their final marks from several different angles. To capture this I often have to place myself off to the side or between the cameras and reach out long with the Klassic to bring the actors in to their final positions.” With the high-pressure challenge of a weekly series there is inevitably a glitch that has to be handled. “That’s where K-Tek’s great customer support comes in ” he says. “When I need to order new or replacement equipment the company is fast and efficient. I always know they will get me whatever I need quickly and in prime condition.” ,3690
Welcome to LazyTown On Kidtoons Screens,2012-11-15,This month LazyTown is on screens nationwide at more than 135 Kidtoons locations.  Kidtoons is an on-going matinee program that brings kid-friendly content to movie-going families every month at a variety of theatres around the country. In Welcome to LazyTown the inquisitive adventurous and playful Stephanie comes to live in LazyTown and meets a zany mix of townspeople including the world’s laziest super-villain Robbie Rotten.  Fortunately for Stephanie LazyTown is also under the watchful eye of Sportacus an athletic super-fit SuperHero who runs jumps flips and flies to the rescue in his futuristic AirShip.  Sportacus always manages to save the day and help the kids of LazyTown foil Robbie’s latest lazy schemes. “There’s nothing artificial about this month’s feature brought to us by NCircle ” said Debbie Dunn account director Kidtoon Films.  “It’s just plain good-for-you fun.”   Kidtoons will also be conducting blog social media and theatre giveaways that will include LazyTown DVDs in November. “We always love bringing the best in children’s entertainment to the Kidtoons’ audience ” said Debbie Ries senior vice president and general manager of NCircle Entertainment. “No doubt this month’s LazyTown feature will encourage kids to get up and get moving out of their seats in theatres.” ,3691
LD Entertainment Installs Cinedigm TDS for The Collection Release,2012-11-15,LD Entertainment has licensed Cinedigm's Theatrical Distribution System to serve as the platform to manage key aspects of LD's theatrical distribution to its domestic territories. Cinedigm expected implementation to be completed in time for LD's first wide release film  The Collection which opens November 30th nationwide. LD Entertainment is an independent distribution acquisitions and production company founded by CEO Mickey Liddell. In January 2012 David Dinerstein was named to head up the distribution arm. David and his entire distribution team have been aggressive in expanding their slate of films said Chris McGurk CEO and chairman of Cinedigm. We are pleased their efforts led them to Cinedigm and that we could quickly and seamlessly get TDS up and running for them and look forward to a long and productive working relationship between our companies. Cinedigm's TDS system streamlines the workflow associated with movie releases integrates with all other key internal and vendor systems and manages all related transactions and business data while providing real-time financial and management reporting. We were impressed with Cinedigm's deep understanding of our business needs as well as the speed in which they were able to get us up and running said David Dinerstein president of LD Entertainment. Cinedigm provides a powerful efficient and sophisticated software solution which allows us maximum productivity on both our platform and wide releases. David and his team were laser-focused and incredibly diligent in their efforts to find and install the best distribution software available said Jim Miller president of Cinedigm's software division. We appreciate the opportunity to work with the innovative distribution team at LD Entertainment to increase their efficiencies by utilizing our TDS software.” ,3692
Luma Pictures Celebrates 10th Anniversary,2012-11-15, Visual effects company Luma Pictures is proudly celebrating its 10th anniversary. Payam Shohadai and founding partner Jonathan Betuel say they created Luma in 2002 under the guiding principles: treat people well quality is king and always spend smart. 

Since our humble beginnings we wanted Luma to be a company that is artist-run. Our staff have a lot of pride in the work they do continually innovating and always pushing their creative limits said Shohadai.

 One of Luma's inaugural projects Human Stain starring Anthony Hopkins and Nicole Kidman brought the company its first attention. Luma was tasked with creating a CG environment for a series of integral invisible effects shots. Rather than reassemble the cast on location green screen shoots would be arranged. Luma created photoreal environments which cut seamlessly with other shots filmed on location.

Over the next couple of years Luma continued growing its credit list picking up shot packages for mainstream films like Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle Wicker Park and their first foray into the Underworld series for which they would become the primary effects house on subsequent releases. This attracted the attention of Kerry Conran of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Sky Captain was an ambitious project as it was one of the first entirely green screen productions. We were hungry and wanted a piece of this landmark VFX project but we were also the little guy so we had to try and
look as big as possible said Betuel. Kerry really liked our spirit and enthusiasm so he awarded us the CG for the entire underwater battle sequence for which we were going to have to grow up and grow up quickly.

 In 2005 Luma experienced a growth spurt expanding to 24 full time staffers who filled a new office located in Santa Monica. Luma continued to build on its capabilities. That year delivered Luma its first tent pole feature: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End and also a highly respected Oscar-winning film and duo: the Coen Brothers' with No Country For Old Men. The brothers and
their DP Roger Deakins would forge a strong bond with Luma returning for each of their next three films (Burn After Reading A Serious Man and True Grit.). Luma recently moved and upgraded its office facility once more to accommodate growth and enhanced infrastructure. Returning to Santa Monica where Luma first began the company's new facility boasts 100+ seats for artists a motion capture stage and screening room among additional amenities.

Ten years later we're still doing what we love guided by the same principles and surrounded by a staff we care for ” said Shohadai.