Goldcrest Post Narduzzo Too Expand Relationship

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Mon, 07/30/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Goldcrest Post Soho London and grading facility Narduzzo Too owned and headed by Vince Narduzzo have teamed up after high demand at Narduzzo Too’s existing Pinewood based facility prompted need for expanded services. 

As part of the expansion Goldcrest Post has adopted Light Illusion’s LightSpace CMS color management system to match the workflow already in place at Narduzzo Too Pinewood and at Goldcrest Post’s New York City facility.

 Simon Ray Goldcrest’s head of operations and engineering described the decision to adopt LightSpace CMS for the new partnership as being one of the easier equipment decisions to make while equipping the new DI operation. “With LightSpace CMS already well established within our New York facility as well as at Narduzzo Too Pinewood we knew LightSpace CMS would prove not just to be the best product but we would gain exemplary support from Light Illusion too ” he said. As well as purchasing LightSpace CMS with an X-Rite i1 Display 2 OEM probe Goldcrest Post also contracted Light Illusion to provide a consultancy service to help define the new DI operation’s workflow suggesting associated display and monitoring systems as well as overseeing the initial room calibration.

 Steve Shaw CEO of Light Illusion said “It’s always great to work with operations that are striving to provide their customers the best and therefore demands that from its suppliers. Both Goldcrest and Narduzzo Too have previously selected LightSpace CMS for their colour management and to be re-selected for the new partnership operation delights us greatly as it means they continue to view LightSpace CMS as the best colour management system available.”