GDC Tops 14,000 Unit Mark for Standalone IMBs

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Thu, 08/28/2014 - 11:13 -- Nick Dager

GDC Technology has shipped more than 14,000 units of its SX-3000 Standalone Integrated Media Block globally, which the company says makes it the most widely installed IMB on the market.

“Global response towards the SX-3000 IMB has been overwhelming as exhibitors are actively selecting next-generation integrated media blocks to upgrade their performance for the digital age. Offering cutting-edge technology with increased operational and cost efficiency, the SX-3000 IMB fits that role perfectly,” explained Dr. Man-Nang Chong, founder and CEO of GDC Technology. “We are fully committed to meeting the needs of our customers by developing digital cinema solutions that inspire and engage.”

SX-3000 IMB sales have grown two percent year-on-year since its introduction in H1 2013, reinforcing GDC Technology’s position as one of the world’s leading digital cinema solution providers.  As of July 2014, GDC Technology says it holds the largest share of Asia’s digital cinema server and theater management system market, and is the number one digital cinema server provider in China, South Korea and Taiwan, with approximately 61%, 74% and 50% market share, respectively. GDC Technology says it is the second largest digital cinema server provider in the United States with more than 11,000 servers installed.

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