Event Cinema Association Formed in Europe to Grow Alternative Content

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Thu, 05/31/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

A trade association is being formed in Europe to support companies there that are active in the production and distribution of alternative content in movie theatres Digital Cinema Report has learned exclusively. The new group’s chairman Melissa Keeping said “The Event Cinema Association will be a non-profit organization limited by guarantee so there will be no share capital and the objectives will be purely to represent and further activities of those involved in the sector.” According to Keeping the ECA will be run by her as chairman and administrator and will be overseen by a president and supported by a board of six people from the distribution exhibition services and marketing industries. For the establishment of the ECA a board will be selected and invited. Keeping said “Board membership will entail bi-monthly board meetings along with an annual AGM in London. We would like to have the board selected and confirmed by July 1 with an initial meeting around the time with the first marketing materials ready by September 1.” The organization will initially be concerned with two main objectives she said that of marketing and lobbying. As the association grows other objectives will be added. It will do this by implementing a variety of initiatives in the areas of marketing lobbying best practice awards initially on a pan-European basis with the objective of expanding this into other territories globally. The ECA website will be developed as a central portal for marketing event cinema screenings supported in time by advertising she said and the association will produce a two-three minute trailer four times a year to promote event cinema as a general concept promoting upcoming concerts opera theatre cultural and the association itself. Raising the profile of the industry will also include vital trade show presence such as group stands at relevant conventions: CinemaCon CineAsia CineEurope and ShowEast Keeping said adding that a key element to raising the profile of this industry would be to stage an awards ceremony in London and celebrate the diversity of event cinema with a dinner and awards for example for such things as Best Event Best Classical/Opera Event and Best Marketing Campaign. Among other issues Keeping said that the ECA will be lobbying governments for a reduction in rates applicable for Alternative Content distributors and a reduction and standardization in the VPF fees charged by exhibitors. Geraint Howells of Howells & Co will be appointed as accountants and company secretary. “They have extensive experience in representing trade bodies and NPOs in the media sector ” she said “and have been involved in the set up of the MMF AIM BASCA and PRS.” This new initiative includes trade association membership in addition to all the benefits offered previously for Live Screen Events for the same price: a customer facing website marketing the content to the public and an official trade body protecting the interests of the industry. “Only with these vital elements in place can the alternative content industry be allowed to grow at an exponential rate ” Keeping said. Event Cinema Association www.eventcinemaassociation.org