Entertainment Technology Center Creates Stereoscopic 3D Online Resource

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Sun, 08/29/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

In response to industry and media demand The Entertainment Technology Center at the University of Southern California has created a living online resource dedicated to stereoscopic 3D. For the last two years the center's Consumer 3D Experience Lab has housed a world-class collection of 3D displays and demonstration materials and has been the site of meetings and conferences related to the emerging art technology and business of stereoscopic 3D. The current surge of interest in 3D content and consumer electronics devices has led to a flood of requests to our Lab for information about 3D says Consumer 3D Experience Project program manager Phil Lelyveld. With the support of our member companies we have established an online resource that we hope will become a key source of information for anyone interested in learning about and keeping up with the latest developments in stereoscopic 3D. The resource center called the Consumer 3D Experience Project at http://3D.etcenter.org links to current information related to the rapidly evolving 3D entertainment landscape; which includes movies sports and video games. The site provides 3D news information about upcoming events for 3D professionals content release and broadcast information links to training and education resources and a database of information about market research reports. The information which is available to all is updated on a daily basis. The site is a great starting point for industry press and consumers interested in 3D. Because of our expertise in 3D our access to research and the [email protected]'s Consumer 3D Experience Lab we are able to not only track the latest news and events on 3D but also offer up the history and context for 3D moving into the future says David Wertheimer executive director and CEO at [email protected]. Our new consumer 3D project site is one of the top places to go if you are looking for the latest information and pointers to the wealth of resources available on 3D content. While the information offered by the Consumer 3D Experience Project is accessible to anyone tracking the developments within this area sponsors of the Entertainment Technology Center are provided with additional exclusive information and analysis. In addition the [email protected] works closely with other leading organizations in this field such as the CEA Variety SMPTE Sports Video Group the International 3D Society NAB etc. to create influential conferences and events about stereoscopic 3D. Entertainment Technology Center @ USC