Empire Theatres First Canadian Exhibitor to Complete Conversion

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Tue, 03/13/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Empire Theatres a partner in the Canadian Digital Cinema Partnership has announced the completion of their digital cinema conversion project. The conversion began in theatres starting last May and its completion makes Empire Theatres the first national exhibitor in Canada to complete a digital cinema conversion. In all 359 screens in 45 theatres have been converted from 35mm to digital projection. Empire Theatres partnered with Barco to complete the digital cinema conversion. We are excited about our growing relationship with Empire Theatres as we help them embrace the latest digital cinema solutions says Joe DeMeo director of sales digital cinema for Barco North America. We are committed to serving the ongoing needs of our Canadian exhibitors. Empire Theatres' digital projectors incorporate either Doremi's DCP-2000 or Integrated Media Block with Doremi's ShowVault and provide 2K playback for 2D and 3D and have allowed for the introduction of CaptiView throughout the Empire Theatres' circuit for select titles. CaptiView is a personal in-theatre closed-caption viewing device for deaf and hard of hearing moviegoers. The CaptiView system consists of a small OLED display on a bendable support arm that fits into a cup holder. The easy-to-read screen can display three lines of text at a time and can support up to four languages. Empire's ability to complete the conversion in such a short period of time show's their commitment to providing their customers the best possible presentation in every screen says Michael Archer vice president digital cinema Doremi.  Empire is the quintessential exhibitor for Doremi. They have utilized four separate Doremi products in the multiplex to help them maximize all opportunities afforded by digital cinema. As a guest-focused company we view the rollout of digital cinema projection technology as an important and strategic investment in our business says Dean Leland vice president of studio and media relations for Empire Theatres Limited. The digital conversion will allow our guests to benefit from the best and brightest picture presentation each and every time they enjoy a movie at Empire Theatres and enables us to provide a premium guest experience through our Empire Extra auditoriums. I would like to acknowledge our partners Barco Doremi RealD ProjecTech and DCIP who have been great assets to our digital conversion project says Valerie Ryan chief operating officer for Empire Theatres Limited. The collaboration and hard work of our internal teams along with the support and expertise of our partners have enabled this project to be completed within only eight months without business interruption.