Doremi Cinema Reports Significant Sales Growth

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Mon, 01/30/2012 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Doremi Cinema achieved sales growth of 47 percent in 2011 according to sources at the company. Last year was a crucial time of expansion for Doremi Cinema as the company dramatically increased its global footprint in the rapidly expanding market of digital cinema says Michael Archer vice president digital cinema. With 56 percent market share worldwide we cleared some very important industry hurdles last year and we fully expect to continue this expansive trend in 2012. Last year Doremi shipped more than 13 800 of its digital cinema servers and Integrated Media Blocks  bringing total sales-to-date well over the 34 000 unit mark This is effectively more than 62 percent of the digital cinema U.S market (DLP based) and 56 percent of the overall cinema market in general (DLP based). Doremi Cinema has long been dedicated to delivering cutting edge standard-bearing digital cinema products giving theatre owners cost effective high quality and flexible solutions with the most-desired forward-looking features Archer adds. “From our patented 4K technology to high frame rate 3D servers Doremi Cinema is the state-of-the-art market leader in digital cinema today. Doremi Cinema