Claco Installs Christie 4K Projection in Megaplex Theatres

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Wed, 03/28/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Claco Equipment and Service is installing 4K DLP Cinema projection at a new screen at the Megaplex Theatres at Jordan Commons which debuts March 15 with VIP seating table service and full reclining chairs as part of Megaplex’s transition to complete digital projection throughout its chain.   “We know that moving to digital projection provides our guests with the best image quality and helps us keep filling the seats for blockbuster titles as studios release them. After looking at the available choices and with the advice of Claco we decided that Christie had the best product both technically and in terms of energy savings service and support ” says Blake Andersen senior vice president and general manager of Megaplex Theatres. “These new projectors let us offer more options to our advertisers and partners as well.” Eric Butterworth sales manager at Claco says “Christie was easily our recommended choice for Megaplex. The combination of Christie Digital Cinema projectors Christie’s excellent customer service and 24-hour tech support and their Christie Digital Xenolite Lamp technology were just some of the reasons why we went with Christie.” “CDXL lamps give us more options in terms of the brightness delivered on the screen to achieve best image quality. This flexibility means that I could go with a lower lamp size and still maintain the necessary brightness that the customer required which provided greater savings ” says Butterworth. “For example rather than be forced to run a 6 000 watt lamp in a non-Christie projector I opted to install a Christie DCP with a 4 500 watt lamp delivering the same or better brightness with the attendant cost savings.” “When our customers make the transition to digital projection they’re looking for the terrific image quality and technical capabilities that digital offers ” says Craig Sholder Christie’s vice president Entertainment Solutions. “We work with local partners to develop a solution that meets the customer’s unique needs and provide ongoing service and support to make the transition smooth and rewarding.”