Cinedigm Signs 10 650 Screens with 226 Exhibitors

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Thu, 06/14/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Cinedigm has signed more than 10 650 digital cinema screens with 226 exhibitor partners in its combined Phase One and Phase Two digital cinema deployment. In total Cinedigm has deployed nearly 70 percent of all North American exhibitors and approximately one third of all digital cinema screens in North America.  “These growing numbers illustrate very clearly that Cinedigm is actively helping all exhibitors -- from large chains to the independent exhibition community -- make the critical transition to digital cinema marking a huge milestone for both Cinedigm and the entire exhibition industry ” said Gary Loffredo Cinedigm’s president of digital cinema services.  “Like any media transitioning from analog to digital the digital cinema transformation will have long-lasting ramifications on all aspects of the theatrical industry from the types of content shown in theatres to overall management efficiencies and collecting/evaluating data analytics.” “With 226 exhibitor partners on board it’s clear that Cinedigm is the number-one choice for exhibitors to entrust with their digital cinema program ” continued Loffredo. “We expect continued enthusiasm and momentum in digital conversion as we approach the end of the rollout.” Cinedigm is the digital cinema integrator partner for the Cinema Buying Group a buying program formed by the independent theatre operators of the National Association of Theatre Owners to find cost-effective solutions for converting theatres from film to digital projection. Cinedigm Digital Cinema