Cinedigm Enterprise to Manage Southern Theatres

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Wed, 01/30/2013 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Southern Theatres has selected Cinedigm Enterprise to centrally manage the operation of its movie theatre locations in Alabama Florida Georgia Kentucky Louisiana Mississippi North Carolina South Carolina and Texas. “Upgrading our theatres to state-of-the-art digital cinemas continued Southern’s tradition of delivering our customers the best movie-going experience possible ” said Ronald Krueger II COO of Southern Theatres. “Now with Enterprise we will greatly improve the back-office efficiency of our business allowing our staff that much more time to deliver the best highest quality experience to our audiences.” “We are thrilled to expand our relationship with Southern ” said Dan Sherlock president of Cinedigm Software. “Cinedigm will continue to be an excellent partner to Ronald George and their team to improve operational efficiencies via the combination of digital cinema and Enterprise solutions.”