CineDDR said to be Available on August 1

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Tue, 07/28/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

CineForm and Drastic Technologies are releasing the CineDDR which the companies say delivers an accelerated workflow by creating media files that are immediately usable in post production – a significant development over tape workflows whose recording formats are not widely supported in post-production. The CineDDR made its debut at NAB 2009. “HDcam SR has proven to be a workhorse technology for film and television production and post work ” says David Taylor CEO and co-founder of CineForm.  “Our strategy with CineDDR is to offer cost savings and labor efficiency that exceeds tape workflows while also offering higher visual fidelity and feature compatibility demanded by professional workflows.  Partnering with Drastic was a perfect fit for CineDDR because it allowed CineForm to focus on compression features and performance while leveraging the rich deck control features and user interface expertise for which Drastic is known.” “The result of our collaboration with CineForm represents a significant workflow enhancement for the post production market ” says James Brooks manager of development Drastic Technologies.  “Combining our expertise in developing tapeless digital disk recording solutions with CineForm’s innovative compression workflow creates an entirely new opportunity for customers to adopt a streamlined capture/playback solution with the functionality of a professional production VTR and a familiar VTR-style front end for ease of operation and a minimal learning curve.”

 As a software-based solution the companies say that customers can assemble a CineDDR recording/playout system by adding an Intel Core i7-based PC or Mac with RAID storage plus an AJA Xena (Windows) or Kona (Mac) card.  The integration cost for dual-link recording and play out for a CineDDR system is less than $10 000 enabling an ownership model instead of a rental model because the integrated price point is approximately one tenth the cost of purchasing a fully featured HDcam SR deck.

 CineDDR software will be offered in both single-link and dual-link versions and also in versions that support both Windows and Mac OS X. The single-link version of CineDDR is priced at $2500. The dual-link version is priced at $4000. The Windows version of CineDDR is available for purchase and trial download from CineForm’s website.  The Mac version of CineDDR will be available in the coming weeks.   Turnkey solutions were set to be available August 1st.

 CineForm Drastic Technologies