Chapters the Surf Movie Posted at AlphaDogs

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Sun, 11/13/2011 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

AlphaDogs Post Production of Burbank California has completed work on Chapters the Surf Movie which follows professional surfers including three-time world champion Colin McPhillips 
and others at various locations around the world. 
 Producers Joey Joyce and Jeremy Briggs chose AlphaDogs as their post facility after 
receiving a high recommendation from another filmmaker who used the facility earlier 
this year to post his film about surfing.  “Chapters is a 100 percent independent surf 
movie with no sponsorship.”  Joyce says. “AlphaDogs was easy to work with and stayed 
within our budget.  This was our first film and we felt like more than just a client. We 
could count on someone to be there anytime we had a question. I will definitely be using 
AlphaDogs again for my next project.” 
 Colorist Sean Stack used Apple Color to complete color grading on the film. Challenges 
presented themselves when it was discovered that a third of the footage was shot with an 
indoor white balance setting giving the footage a blue color cast.  Stack was able to 
correct the problem and make accurate adjustments using Color’s powerful toolset while 
relying on precise signal monitoring equipment from Tektronix. This allowed Stack to 
balance out the blue hues while separately treating the skin tones on the surfer’s faces and 
bodies. “The human eye does not always compensate for bad color in a precise way.”  
Stack says “The Tektronix oscilloscopes are a scientific way of keeping the eye 
calibrated. Without equipment to show true color values the colorist may actually be 
harming the picture.”  The framing and action was shot well so once the color was balanced the story really came to life. Joyce says “Sean went above and beyond to make the film look great.  He was as dedicated to the project as we were.” AlphaDogs