Aspera Files Promises New Levels of Content Sharing and Collaboration

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Wed, 04/08/2015 - 12:30 -- Nick Dager

IBM has introduced Aspera Files, a new SaaS platform that allows any organization, small to large, to establish a branded web-based presence for the fast, easy and secure exchange and delivery of any size file-based media or data between end users across separate organizations, combining multiple storage platforms.

Content can be stored and easily accessed in multiple cloud and on-premise storage systems, and sharing between users and trusted organizations is as easy as drag-and-drop regardless of where the content is located. Built on Aspera FASP transport technology for distance-neutral transfer of large data over the Internet, the platform will break all the enterprise barriers of conventional file sharing, enabling high-speed access, delivery and exchange of any size data, at distance, regardless of network conditions.

The requirement for today’s enterprise to conveniently ingest, exchange, and distribute file-based digital media content and big data fast, securely, and with the “scale-up” capacity of cloud platforms is at an all-time high. Media companies and enterprises at large are creating more high-resolution content and data sets than ever, with increasingly shorter turnaround times in highly competitive markets, which also depend upon secure inter-company collaboration. Until today, no single application platform has existed that can solve all of the major barriers of the file exchange problem in this environment.