3ality Digital Acquires Element Technica Becomes 3ality Technica

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Tue, 08/30/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

3ality Digital has acquired Element Technica and will be called 3ality Technica. With this move the company gains an in house manufacturing and design capability and the opportunity to further expand its already sizable R&D infrastructure. Physically the companies will combine in an expansion to the 3ality Digital headquarters in Burbank California.    “As our primary competitor we have always had great respect for Element Technica and their achievements. The complete compatibility and lack of redundancy between the companies has made this an ideal acquisition strengthening the Company’s position to provide the most advanced and dependable S3D solutions to the market.  Perhaps the greatest benefit of this acquisition will be to the motion picture and broadcast producers who will now have an unprecedented amount of tools and technology tailored to meet their specific needs ” says Steve Schklair CEO of 3ality Technica. Many of Hollywood’s major theatrical releases which have been shot utilizing these two companies systems and technology include Jack the Giant Killer The Amazing Spider-Man The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Prometheus Underworld 4 Oz and The Great Gatsby.  Also companies like BSkyB the world’s leading 3D broadcaster and the HBS feeds from the FIFA World Cup have based their productions of live events on the backbone of 3ality Technica technology.   “With this acquisition 3ality Technica will be a decade ahead of the rest of the industry.  Not only will automation become more common it will be the standard as the industry begins to enjoy the simplicity and speed it affords ” says Hector Ortega senior vice president of 3ality Technica. “Integration will fast-forward as the merging systems require fewer and fewer ancillary components. Compatibility with other industry systems will cease to be an issue as 3ality Technica alone already leads the way in seamless connectivity from post production to VFX and live broadcast ” says Stephen Pizzo senior vice president of 3ality Technica. “You cannot believe the level of excitement we all share but it’s not just us that are so elated.  Some of our key customers and partners that were recently made aware of this deal have shared in this excitement as they all understand the benefit this will have to their work.  We have already integrated some of the best aspects of both companies’ product offerings so the market will see an immediate improvement in tool sets component integration and customer service ” says Schklair. 3ality Technica http://3alitytechnica.com