32Ten Studios Launches Professional Workshop Series

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Wed, 03/28/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Stage rental and practical effects house 32Ten Studios Marin California has launched a Professional Workshop Series. This new series of educational hands-on gatherings has been designed to help filmmakers game designers and a variety of entertainment industry professionals further their technical and theoretical application of production and post-production skills while also teaching the art and craft behind those disciplines to filmmaking enthusiasts.

 The first Professional Workshop program entitled From Green Screen to Silver Screen was held March 31 and was designed for educators and film enthusiasts. Vince de Quattro who has just been named as the director of artist development for 32Ten Studios led the session. De Quattro will also lead another event in the series Production Workshop on a recurring basis starting March 22.  This three-hour evening workshop is designed for both independent filmmakers and producers looking to understand the animation and effects marketplace as well as young artists looking to assume roles as production assistants production coordinators and ultimately producers in the feature animation and post-production VFX industry. These sessions will feature production training in bidding artist management the culture of the hybridized art/technical entertainment industry and other guidance for producers of short film commercial and music videos in today's digital arena. The third event in the Professional Workshop Series will be a presentation entitled Models and Miniatures in a Digital Age by Fon Davis on April 4. During this presentation Davis will discuss the considerations when deciding on a scale for the model choice of materials and level of detail. He will show examples of when miniatures are the best option over live action or CG and explain the reasons why. Lastly he will unveil the tricks of the trade that artists use to make models and miniatures look full scale and completely realistic.

 Future such Professional Workshop events are slated to include such topics as Visual Design Crane Operation Pre-Visualization Technologies High Resolution Camera Technology Motion Capture Motion Control Stereography and Pyrotechnics. These workshops will be posted at www.32ten.com 

Tim Partridge president and CEO of 32Ten Studios says “Our vision for 32Ten Studios is for our historic site to serve as a creative hub for the Marin County and Northern California filmmaking community.  We also intend to provide the community with the opportunity for continued learning of new production technologies and techniques with this series of regularly scheduled workshops.” 
  Adds David Tanaka sectional chairman Bay Area for The Visual Effects Society says “The Visual Effects Society Bay Area Section is very excited as to the creation of 32Ten Studios. The services they will be offering to the entertainment industry at large and the potential opportunities they hold for skilled artists and technicians throughout the Bay Area are endeavors the VES Bay Area surely supports. The founders of 32Ten are all former colleagues and acquaintances to many in the VES membership and their company name which bears a familiar address to many of us in the VFX industry is of special significance. The VES Bay Area Board of Directors looks forward to collectively sharing in 32Ten's local community outreach and to collaborating with them on future projects including their Professional Workshop Series and other upcoming educational events.” 

Prior to joining 32Ten Studios De Quattro served as the online director of animation and visual effects for the Academy of Art University (San Francisco) from 2005-2011.  There he was instrumental in building a world-class post-production program for both BFA and MFA tracks. His production program influence and collaborative thesis approach helped garner that school’s first Student Academy Award in Animation since 2004. During his career Davis has worked on over 30 feature films including blockbusters like The Matrix series. As a member of the Industrial Light and Magic Model Shop for 10 years he worked on several features such as Star Wars Pearl Harbor Starship Troopers Galaxy Quest Terminator III and Mission Impossible III. In addition to his work in visual effects Davis has also worked in Disney’s art departments as a concept designer/model-maker and on several stop motion projects including The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline. 32Ten Studios www.32ten.com