Zacuto Unveils Nine Panasonic HPX170 Kits for HD Camera Transformation

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Wed, 11/19/2008 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

With the release of the P2 HD Panasonic HPX170 HD camera package maker Zacuto announces nine kits that transform cameras into a camera package for use with the camera or in conjunction with a depth of field adapter. The new HPX170 will work with all existing Zacuto kits. These kits are universal and will not only work with the HPX170 but with all cameras camcorders and accessories. All kits are balanced  allowing for smooth movement and less user fatigue in both tripod and handheld use. Zacuto's trademarked Z-Release (quick release) allows for fast installation of components like articulating arms monitors and more.  Zacuto kits provide all the components needed for a camera package right out of the box and at a discounted price. Various price points and the ability to be used with a tripod steadicam jib dolly handheld and shoulder mount make the kits suitable for all types of shooting. Zacuto