Ymagis Group to Present EclairColor Digital Color in Los Angeles November 1-4

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Mon, 10/17/2016 - 12:18 -- Nick Dager

Ymagis Group will showcase its new EclairColor digital color solution in Los Angeles over a four-day period from November 1-4. The presentation will take place at the landmark 350-seat screening facility Harmony Gold Preview House on Sunset Boulevard, which has been specially equipped with a Sony Digital Cinema 4K SRX-R515 projection system.

Presenting the EclairColor technology to leading Hollywood studios, cinema exhibitors, production companies and the creative filmmaking community will be Ymagis Group’s president and CEO Jean Mizrahi, Eclair vice president of technology Cédric Lejeune, Christophe Lacroix, senior vice president Eclair, and Manel Carreras, senior vice president business development & studio relations Eclair.

“We are particularly thrilled to be presenting our EclairColor technology to the Los Angeles motion picture industry,” said Jean Mizrahi. “Cinemas, from the earliest days, have been on the cutting edge of image and sound innovation, and they must remain an experience unlike any other. The significant advantages that EclairColor provides are clearly visible to all, which should greatly ease the adoption of this new technology by cinemas considering that we have rendered this process compatible with a range of existing projection systems allowing for virtually immediate access to our solution. I also wish to salute the Sony Digital Cinema 4K team for their support of the Los Angeles presentation.”

“Since 1907, Eclair has been synonymous with innovation in cinema and we intend to keep it as part of our DNA,” said Lejeune. “With EclairColor, the benefits for moviegoers as well as movie exhibitors include significantly enhanced image quality. The color range is much richer, the gradients much more refined, even in the darkest colors. The additional contrast helps reveal finer details even though the pixel resolution remains unchanged.”

Eclair Color was officially unveiled in July following the CineEurope convention in Barcelona.

Ymagis http://www.ymagis.com

CinemaNext http://www.cinemanext.digital

Éclair http://www.eclair.digital