Ymagis Group Forms CinemaNext North America

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Fri, 06/16/2017 - 10:47 -- Nick Dager
Ymagis Group has announced the completion of the agreement to form its new exhibitor services company, CinemaNext North America, with Dallas-based CinTech. In accordance with the agreement signed in May, Ymagis Group holds a 75 percent stake in the company; CinTech the remaining 25 percent.
Managed by Stan Hays, the company says this new entity marks an important step for Ymagis Group in the development of its CinemaNext activities in North America. It will offer American cinema exhibitors a wide range of products and integrated software technologies. 
"We are delighted to have concluded the creation of CinemaNext North America with Stan Hays and his teams," said Jean Mizrahi, Founder, president and CEO of Ymagis Group. "We are pleased to begin our activities with the installation of a new customer support center in Dallas from which we will introduce the group’s proven software solutions, including the Melody TMS (Theatre Management System), monitoring tools and customer portal solutions, to the North American marketplace as well as unique products and concepts such as EclairColor and Sphera that forged its success in Europe.”