Xtreme Cinemas in Czech Republic Installs XpanD 3D Systems

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Mon, 04/13/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

XpanD has installed 3D systems in four Xtreme Cinema theaters in the Czech Republic. New X101 series 3D glasses and other system components were installed by Xtreme Cinema's technical support and service arm XCData in theaters in Prague Louny Sokolov and Dobrany. “We are extremely pleased to ally with Xtreme Cinemas in providing leading edge digital 3D cinema in the highest quality presentation format to moviegoers in Eastern Europe ” says XpanD CEO Maria Costeira. “As a dynamic growth oriented company with considerable technical expertise Xtreme Cinemas is helping to define the modern movie experience.” Xtreme Cinemas Ltd is currently pursuing the expansion of its cinema network into the Slovak Republic Hungary and Poland. XpanD just rolled out the X101 Series 3D active glasses. The glasses interface with an XpanD infrared emitter box to create stereoscopic 3D with any DCI compliant digital cinema projection system. XpanD www.xpandcinema.com Xtreme Cinemas www.xtremecinemas.cz