WorleyWorks, Brooklyn, First East Coast Facility with Mistika 4K 3D Post System

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Wed, 01/08/2014 - 11:20 -- Nick Dager

New York 2D/3D stereoscopic production and motion capture studio WorleyWorks has become the first East Coast company to invest in a Mistika 4K post-production system from SGO's official North American reseller partner AArmadillo.

Founded by Greg and Minah Worley, WorleyWorks provides a host of boutique services in 2D and high frame rate stereo 3D production, 4K post-production including DI color grading and compositing, high-speed lighting, green screen and motion capture for high-profile clients that include Paramount, MTV, and Viacom.

"We chose Mistika because it is the most intuitive system in the industry and forms the next step-up in our expansion by enabling us to support and reinforce complex 3D 4K productions as well as exciting 2D post projects. SGO attracted our attention as a company rapidly innovating and changing their field, which appealed to us, as well as their high level of support on offer. Having a Mistika on board certainly helps to validate our offerings as it is such a well-respected and powerful system,” says Greg Worley. "We started by building stereoscopic 3D systems utilizing Stereolab's Pure Stereo 3D analyzer with live analysis and rig correction, enabling the use of zoom lenses and fast initial alignment after changing prime lenses. This was then followed by the addition of matched Cooke primes, global shutter f55s, and Aladin MK2 motorization on Stereotec Light Weight rigs.”

AArmadillo CEO Colin Ritchie said, "It's great to place the first one of anything and placing the first East Coast Mistika at WorleyWorks in Brooklyn is especially exciting! Greg is a true visionary and the perfect client for us in New York. Expanding his client services with a 4K 2D/3D Mistika will give him tremendous advantages over the traditional New York post house."