Wolff Cinema Converts with Sony Digital Cinema 4K

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Sun, 08/29/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Wolff Cinema Groep a Dutch company operating on a cross-national scale has decided to equip four theatres with 4K systems from Sony Digital Cinema.   In the framework of the digital deployment Mustsee Euroborg in Groningen was equipped with two Sony SRX-R320 projectors and LMT-300 media blocks the sites Cinema de Graaf in Huizen close to Amsterdam and CineStar Enschede close to the German border each received another unit. FTT Filmtronics which was also in charge of the test installations at several Mustsee locations for the groups Minerva and Wolff and has actively launched Sony 4K systems onto the Dutch market for more than one year carried out the complete installation. In this context two Sony systems had already been installed at Cinecity in Vlissingen in the Southwest of the Netherlands.   All installations also include the possibility to play out 3D content in 4K.   Jordi Wientjes member of the board of management of Wolff Cinema Groep says “We have addressed the topic digital cinema at a very early stage already and now opted for Sony 4K as we are simply convinced about the technology. We think that this was the right time to deploy some of our core locations in order to be well prepared for the upcoming blockbusters.”   Thomas Rüttgers chairman of the board of management of FTT group says “From the very beginning we have already been co-operating with Wolff Cinemas in the field of digital cinema and have also installed 35mm equipment at many sites at Mustsee in Groningen. For us this step is another important benchmark for the digital rollout in the Netherlands and we are very happy that we are able to continue our excellent co-operation with Wolff Cinemas.”