WCP Media Services Expands North American Operations

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Wed, 03/25/2015 - 15:11 -- Nick Dager

Kenneth YasWCP Media Services, a Swiss developer of cloud-based content management and distribution services for media and entertainment companies, today announces the launch of expanded North American operations. Based in Los Angeles, WCP Media Services USA will support the introduction of the company’s groundbreaking content management and distribution platform, WCP Web App, to the U.S. and Canadian markets. WCP Web App is a PaaS (platform as a service) product that provides a fast, direct, secure and affordable way to upload, manage, transcode and deliver content to broadcasters and others worldwide.

WCP Media Services North American operations are led by Kenneth Yas, managing director/Americas; Daniel R. Smith, director of marketing /Americas; and Brad Maeder; director of sales/Americas.

WCP Media Services was formed in Lugano, Switzerland in 2011 to develop a standardized platform for managing and distributing entertainment content using the latest cloud-based technologies. WCP Web App combines proprietary software with top-tier solutions from Signiant, Snell, Harmonic, Telestream and others in an integrated platform that allows content owners to manage their assets and deliver them to business partners domestically and internationally.

The platform is aimed at reality TV producers and other television producers who create and distribute a large volume of content for domestic and international markets. It is also an ideal solution for other independent producers, distributors, buyers, film festivals and institutions. The platform is currently being used by Sierra/Engine Television, distributors of such shows asSAF3, Crossbones and Ghostbreakers; MonteCristo International, distributors of long-form television content; and Electus, producers of such shows as Style by Jury, Mob Wives and Wake Up Call.

WCP Media Services president Cristina Molinari says that WCP Web App is the first affordable PaaS that directly addresses each step in the process of managing and preparing large digital media files for widespread delivery. “Our web-based, pay-per-use service allows our users to distribute content in the same manner as major studios with million dollar investments in proprietary systems,” Molinari explains.

“Log into our app and professional asset management, transcoding, and high-speed digital delivery are at your fingertips. Activities are recorded and tracked online, so you know instantly (without having to ask) where your content is going, when it arrives at its destination, and what costs are being incurred.”

WCP Media Services will be demonstrating WCP Web App for this first time in North America at NAB 2015, April in Las Vegas, Booth SU14410.