WCP Media Hires Cameron Thomson Group

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Tue, 01/19/2016 - 11:05 -- Nick Dager

WCP Media Services has engaged Cameron Thomson Group as its global commercial development partner. Under the arrangement, Cameron Thomson will assist WCP Media Services in expanding the company’s flagship content management solution across the global media marketplace. Cameron Thomson Group’s president Ronald Thomson will take an active role in WCP Media Services as managing director of Global Business, in conjunction with his worldwide team.   

Ronald ThomsonWCP Media Services platform helps content owners from around the world assure the financial performance of their digital video assets over their lifecycle. Its sophisticated infrastructure is a business-to-business, many-to-many solution that allows content owners to manage their workflows as easily as e-banking. WCP Media Services offers integrated and robust digitalasset management with the most trusted and secure transcoding and fast file delivery technologies in the market. The platform empowers content owners with a cloud based environment for storing, distributing, screening and better monetizing rich media content.

"We are excited to be working with WCP Media Services in expanding its reach into the global film, TV and online video industry with technology which is as robust and secure as a Swiss bank,” said Thomson. “WCP Media Services is an innovator and represents a new breed in third party precision management of media assets. The company has an excellent platform that addresses the complex needs of any organization that needs to securely manage and distribute content; whether they are independent production companies, film festivals, post production pipelines, distribution companies or Hollywood studios. WCP Media Services’s powerful engine is a key resource for our clients and partners across the media landscape in reducing the costs of production and improving the financial performance in distributing their media assets.”

“We look forward to connecting with new markets and customers as a result of our relationship with Cameron Thomson Group," said Cristina Molinari, CEO of WCP Media Services. “It was a logical choice for us - not only for their specialized expertise in global media, but also for their track record in building successful companies that maximize the value of their intellectual properties globally through traditional media, mobile and the Internet.”

In North America, Cameron Thomson Group will support Los Angeles-based WCPMedia Services USA. “We’ve received strong interest from studios, broadcasters and others looking for next generation solutions for media distribution,” said Kenneth Yas, managing director – Americas. “We offer the best combination of features, ease of use, security and affordability and are confident that 2016 will be a watershed year for WCPMedia Services.”

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