Warner’s Tests Video-on-Demand Movie Release in Korea Prior to DVD Release

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Mon, 09/29/2008 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

In a move aimed at taking full advantage of Korea's extraordinary digital infrastructure Warner Bros. this week announced plans to become the first Hollywood studio to make movies available through video-on-demand two weeks before the DVD release in Korea. Thomas Gewecke president Warner Bros. Digital Distribution made the announcement. Korea is the ideal market for us to expand our digital distribution strategy ” says Gewecke. “There is already a broad base of consumers who are immersed in technology and very comfortable getting movies through video-on-demand or similar services and I am proud of the team that made it possible for us to be the first U.S. studio to offer this service to fans of Warner Bros. movies in Korea.”   Warner plans to launch a test in Korea in the coming weeks making new release titles available through video-on-demand two weeks before the DVD release. Specific titles will be announced as they become available. More than 94 percent of the households in South Korea have broadband connections ” says Henry Cho director South Korea Warner Bros. Digital Distribution. “This new service is just one of the ways Warner Bros. is offering more convenience and choices that fit people’s lifestyles.” The effort is also seen as part of the studio’s efforts to compete with piracy. According to the Korean Film Council more than 47 percent of people surveyed said they had downloaded movies from the Internet at least once says Harrison Lee managing director Warner Home Video Korea. This combined with an advanced digital infrastructure makes Korea the perfect market for us to test this service since many Korean consumers are already in the habit of getting their movies digitally.” ,363
Podcast Discusses Digital 3D in Movie Theatres,2008-09-30,Dolby’s Craig Eggers and Jeff McNall discuss digital 3D in movie theatres today. Click here to listen to the conversation.  ,364
Screenvision to Sell Advertising for UniqueScreen Media,2008-10-03,Access Integrated subsidiary UniqueScreen Media and Screenvision have completed an agreement for Screenvision to sell national advertising on behalf of USM and its exhibitor customers. Under the agreement Screenvision will hold exclusive national on-screen advertising sales rights for all of USM's advertising customers including several thousand screens across 111 U.S. designated market areas. We are delighted to expand our long standing relationship with Unique Screen Media and to be working with the Digital Cinema leader AccessIT says Darryl Schaffer executive vice president of exhibitor relations for Screenvision. This partnership will create more revenue opportunity for USM Screenvision and our respective exhibitor customers. We are always looking for new ways to enhance our offerings to exhibitors. Bringing national advertising revenue opportunities to them via Screenvision is a terrific way to do this. We have been working together with Screenvision and a number of exhibitor customers already and this agreement will expand our relationship to a level both companies can be excited about says Bill McGlamery president and COO of Unique Screen Media. Screenvision www.screenvision.com AccessIT www.accessitx.com ,386
SureWaves Partners with AdLabs,2008-10-03,Adlabs a part of the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group and India's largest cinema chain and SureWaves a media convergence solution provider have partnered to create communication channel at their cinemas.

 The SureWaves centralized servers help manage delivery of content across the 150-plus digital screen network across 12 locations at Adlabs Cinemas. Deployed at an enterprise level the SureWaves solution enables integration of the box office ticketing information and displays the same on a real time basis across the screen network at Adlabs properties. The screens placed at the box office display ticket availability show timings ticket costs and an image of the film being aired at the cinema.

 SureWaves has also powered the lobby screens inside the cinemas and unleashes its capability of delivering contextual content. These screens air movie related information cross promotions and contests which keep the consumer engaged during the course of their visit to the theatre. 

Template layouts managed from a central location help manage airing of such things as movie trailers movie snippets and cast/crew details to provide patrons with information on the films being aired as well as the upcoming movies at the theatre. Each screen on the network is uniquely addressable from the central location. Apart from cinema theatres the SureWaves solution is also deployed at the Adlabs Digital Cinema facility powering their internal communication network for employees and visitors. SureWaves CMO Tushar Vyas says that in the following year more than 20 million people are expected to watch a movie on an Adlabs screen. This provides immense opportunities to disseminate a brand message and engage these consumers providing them with the Adlabs experience. Tushar Dhingra COO Adlabs Cinemas says “The SureWaves solution enables us to manage our network better and we are quite happy with the format in which we are engaging our consumers. Adlabs strives to deliver a top of the line world class experience to its patrons and the SureWaves solution is helping by adding value to content serving and network management.”

 Adlabs Films www.adlabsfilms.com SureWaves  www.surewaves.com ,387
Jack Green to Receive ASC Lifetime Achievement Award,2008-10-03,Jack Green will receive the American Society of Cinematographers 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award at the 23rd Annual ASC Outstanding Achievement Awards celebration in February. “Jack Green has earned the respect of his peers with an extraordinary body of work that is constantly evolving ” says ASC president Daryn Okada. “His innovative cinematography has inspired other filmmakers to follow their dreams and explore new frontiers in visual storytelling. This recognition is an expression of our appreciation for what he has achieved but we are certain that the best is yet to come.” Photo credit: Douglas Kirkland Green earned an Oscar nomination for Unforgiven in 1993 and an ASC Outstanding Achievement Award nomination for The Bridges of Madison County in 1996. He has compiled around 40 cinematography credits beginning with Heartbreak Ridge in 1986 and subsequently including 11 films with Clint Eastwood as director. Some of his memorable work includes Bird The Dead Pool White Hunter Black Heart A Perfect World Twister Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Girl Interrupted Space Cowboys and the popular contemporary films 50 First Dates The 40 Year Old Virgin and My Best Friend’s Girl. Green began his cinematography career as an assistant cameraman on 16mm film projects including industrial films National Geographic specials and other documentaries and commercials. He was also a stringer on ABC Television network news crews. His assignments included covering the kidnapping of Patricia Hearst the Black Panther trials and the assassination of Robert Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles in 1968. Green moved to Los Angeles in 1971 and spent the next 11 years working as an assistant and operator with an array of world-class cinematographers including William A. Fraker Donald M. Morgan Ric Waite Harry Stradling Jr. Bruce Surtees Michael Watkins and Rex Metz. “I can’t say enough about the impact all of those cinematographers and others had on my life and career ” says Green. “I was an operator for Bruce (Surtees) on Pale Rider (in 1985). When he lit a set it was like watching a painter create a work of art. After four more films operating for Bruce he told Clint Eastwood I was ready to move up to cinematographer.” Green joins a formidable list of legendary cinematographers who were previous recipients of this recognition including George Folsey Joseph Biroc Stanley Cortez Charles Lang Jr. Phil Lathrop Haskell Wexler Conrad L. Hall Gordon Willis Sven Nykvist Owen Roizman Victor J. Kemper Vilmos Zsigmond Fraker Vittorio Storaro Laszlo Kovacs Bill Butler Michael Chapman Fred Koenekamp Richard Kline Allen Daviau and Stephen H. Burum. “Cinematography is an art but it is also a craft ” Green says. “It’s like learning to mix paints to get just the right colors. You aren’t just creating looks. You are helping to tell the story by creating moods. I don’t believe in playing it safe. I would rather work on the edge and trust my instincts.” The American Society of Cinematographers www.theasc.com ,388
Celebrate Art and Technology at Band Pro's One World on HD

,2008-10-03, Band Pro's popular One World on HD '08 Open House is set for December 11. The annual event is renowned for showcasing the newest HD technology in an informal setting that allows professionals to get hands-on experience with the latest groundbreaking gear while conversing with colleagues and industry decision-makers. 

In honor of Band Pro's 25th year in the industry the company is planning a full schedule of special events. Highlighted will be new developments by well known equipment innovators. Past exhibitors have included Zeiss Codex Technicolor and Iconix. See footage from the top cameras including the new Sony F35.
 Band Pro Film & Digital www.bandpro.com ,389
Advertising Week Panel Focuses on Hollywood,2008-10-03,The fifth annual Advertising Week conference convened last month in Manhattan and one of the most interesting panel discussions focused on “how brands are using new media such as in-theatre advertising online and mobile to drive their motion picture integration/partnership programs.” The panel was held at the Nokia Theatre in midtown. Ann Oldenburg of USA Today moderated. Panelists included: Stu Ballatt president Cinema Advertising Council; Rich Yaffa CEO GroupM
David Campbell senior director entertainment marketing Budweiser; and Evelyn Brady executive director of The Golden Trailer Awards. Ballatt made the case that advertising is “extremely important to exhibitor revenue” and dispute the myth that moviegoers don’t like ads in theatres. “Despite conventional wisdom to the contrary ” Ballatt said “only 7-8 percent of moviegoers says they would prefer a blank screen to ads.” Ads can be “very impactful” in a movie theatre and when coupled with surrounding activities such as popcorn bags posters and other ideas the ads are even more effective. In addition he said ads in movies are precisely measurable. He stressed that the advertising community needs to understand that ads in theatres must be entertaining to succeed. Oldenburg asked Campbell and asked to comment on product placement and in particular one of his highest profile marketing campaigns of the past year: Semi-Pro. Campbell said he and his staff read some 300 movie scripts a year looking for opportunities and the Semi-Pro project stood out because of the inherent positives from the Budweiser perspective. It was a male-oriented sports comedy it starred the widely popular Will Farrell and Farrell’s agent was the producer which made negotiations more direct. He agreed when Oldenburg noted that “not everyone is Will Farrell” and added that part of the reason the campaign was effective was the fact that it was the movie character Jackie Moon in the spots and not Will Farrell. That helped make the effort more appealing for the actor and probably helped make it more effective too because they did not have to hold back. Campbell said his team promoted the film with events in 30 cities. Tickets to the opening night were given away in bars and there were promotional prizes such as orange wigs and headbands. The end result was a campaign that became Budweiser’s “highest tested spot of the winter/spring period ” he said despite the fact that the movie did not do well at the box office. He agreed that it was a rare experience and noted that Old Spice ran a similar Jackie Moon Semi-Pro campaign that was not as successful. Yaffa talked about his efforts promoting the Tribeca Film Festival an event that provided a marketer a “wide range of options.”  The goal is to find “the passion point of the consumer” and he said the approach they had taken was to promote the festival and independent films as a populist movement. Brady noted that the Golden Trailer Awards are celebrating their 10th year and said that given the influx of trailers on the Internet and increasingly on mobile handheld devices trailers are getting shorter. Some have ten-second versions. Saw IV was one of the first to use that technique and it was deemed a success she said. Oldenburg called mobile media “the Holy Grail of advertising” and predicted a boom in 2009. ,390
EUE Screen Gems Building New North Carolina Production Stage,2008-10-03,EUE Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington North Carolina has broken ground on the third largest indoor production stage in the United States. EUE Screen Gems Studios’ executive vice president Bill Vassar welcomed 200 guests including North Carolina Gov. Michael Easley North Carolina Senator Julia Boseman and Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo who all assisted in the groundbreaking ceremony. Chris Cooney COO and president of EUE/Screen Gems was also on hand. With nine stages already in operation Cooney pointed to the investment EUE/Screen Gems has in Wilmington and in the industry. “This comes at an economic time when most private sector investments and film assets will be reconsidered or abandoned. We are committed to North Carolina and are steadfast in our mission to secure the future of filmmaking in Wilmington ” he said. The 37 500-square-foot stage will have 45 vertical feet free of columns with dimensions of 150 by 250 feet. It will also house a massive 10 1/2-foot deep 186 000-gallon tank that will stretch 60 feet by 60 feet. The new stage and tank are part of the existing 50-acre studio lot including nine stages that span from 7 200 to 20 000 square feet. Dubbed the “Dream Stage 10” by Cooney the facility will have the most expansive film and television production stage on the east coast. EUE/Screen Gems www.screengemsstudios.com ,391
Giant Screen Films Chooses Dolby Barco to Show Egypt 3D: Secrets of the Mummies,2008-10-03,Dolby 3D Digital Cinema has been selected to present Giant Screen Films' Egypt 3D: Secrets of the Mummies a companion 3D movie experience to the National Geographic touring exhibition Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs. The King Tut exhibit combines entertainment and educational dynamics delivering a unique and exciting experience to the millions of visitors expected to attend the tour says John Carey vice president of worldwide sales products and services Dolby Laboratories. It's an honor for Dolby 3D to have been selected by Giant Screen Films to present the movie Egypt 3D developed to accompany the exhibit. Dolby will maximize the Dolby 3D experience with Dolby Digital Cinema servers and Dolby DMA8Plus Digital Media Adapters bringing a stunning and realistic 3D visual and 5.1 surround sound experience to Egypt 3D. Barco was selected to provide its DP-2000 Dolby 3D equipped projectors featuring Texas Instruments Digital Light Processing technology. Giant Screen Films was particularly focused on presentation quality as we looked to convert Egypt3D into a digital 3D experience for Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs a premiere exhibition says Andy Wood vice president of business development Giant Screen Films. The premium Dolby 3D system was a natural choice for us. We expect that many viewers will experience digital 3D for the first time so we needed the clarity and depth to really pack a punch. Dolby 3D and Dolby 5.1 really came out on top. I can't think of a better way to take audiences to Egypt. The Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs tour organized by National Geographic and Arts and Exhibitions International with cooperation from the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities started earlier this month at the Dallas Museum of Art and is being followed by additional US and international cities.   Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs has experienced tremendous success and has attracted five million visitors in five cities says Bryan Harris vice president of marketing and sales of Arts and Exhibition International. Being able to offer exhibition-goers the chance to view Egypt 3D in Dolby 3D Digital Cinema allows for a deeper exhibition experience and is yet another way for visitors to be wowed. Barco www.barco.com Egypt 3D: Secrets of the Mummies www.kingtut.org/home Dolby 3D www.dolby.com ,392
Study says that Hollywood Movies Still Thrive during Tough Times,2008-10-03,Theatrical box office revenues hit a gross record of $9.67 billion domestically in 2007 besting the previous mark of $9.29 billion set in 2002 a recent study shows. SNL Kagan’s “Economics of Motion Pictures” analyzes all films released on 1 000 or more screens from 2003 to 2007 providing 10-year pro forma models based on genre and budget range with varying distribution structures. Included are detailed costs for action animation comedy drama family horror romance sci-fi/fantasy and thriller films. Overall SNL Kagan found the most expensive films posted the largest revenues and average net profit. The nine films in the $90 million-$100 million range for negative costs posted an average net profit of $374.7 million under a major-studio distribution fee structure. The 80 films that cost more than $100 million to make generated an average net profit of $282.3 million. The 741 films in the study averaged $66.4 million in net profit. Within each negative cost range results varied by genre. The SNL Kagan study reveals that animated films performed best with an average net profit of $230.6 million under a major studio deal. Horror films had the best results in the $0-$10 million range with an average net profit of $40.3 million compared to $21.9 million across all negative cost ranges. “When the going gets tough consumers go to the movies ” says Derek Baine senior analyst at SNL Kagan. “Historically theatres have been fairly recession proof and this year looks to be no exception.” SNL Kagan www.SNLKagan.com ,393
Fox Paramount and Sony Pictures Sign with Sony DCSS Group,2008-10-03, Twentieth Century Fox Paramount Pictures and Sony Pictures Entertainment have entered into separate non-exclusive digital cinema deployment agreements with Sony Electronics’ Digital Cinema Solutions and Services group. The agreements relate to supplying exhibitors with feature motion pictures in digital form in order to promote the use of digital cinema projection systems.
 The new agreements will provide certain operational and financial resources to encourage exhibitors to implement digital cinema systems that will feature Sony’s DCI-compliant 4K SXRD projection technology. The separate agreements vary among the companies and extend to digital cinema efforts in certain countries in North America Europe and Asia. 
 In addition to digital projection system deployment Sony’s DCSS group will be in a position to offer critical services for exhibitors such as installation and maintenance along with customized solutions and high-level service support – which can all be provided by a turnkey Sony DCSS solution.
   In a joint statement Bruce Snyder president of domestic distribution of Twentieth Century Fox and Paul Hanneman and Tomas Jegeus co-presidents of Twentieth Century Fox International said “Fox is committed to supporting the highest-quality solutions for exhibitors as they make their transition to digital cinema on a global basis. It is important that exhibitors worldwide have the widest choice of solutions available to them. By working with Sony and its range of available technology experience and stability our goal is to continue to make the transition to DCI-compliant digital projection systems as smooth as possible. We’re proud to be working with Sony DCSS to further advance digital cinema on a global level.” 
 Jim Tharp Paramount Pictures president of domestic theatrical distribution says  “Paramount is committed to maximizing new creative opportunities to encourage the conversion to digital projection and to broadening the availability of high quality 3D cinema. Our collaboration with Sony’s DCSS team is a great step toward that end.  We look forward to continued cooperation in the future.”
Sony’s 4K projection technology will also contribute to the deployment of alternative content – including gaming sporting events and music concerts – in order to develop more revenue-generating opportunities for exhibitors as the industry transitions to digital delivery. According to Jeff Blake chairman worldwide marketing and distribution for Sony Pictures Entertainment “As digital cinema programming becomes more prevalent in the marketplace consumers will experience entertainment in bold and exciting new ways with superior state-of-the-art sound and picture quality as well as the deployment of alternative forms of content.” Sony Pictures recently launched The Hot Ticket dedicated to exploring and creating alternative programming for digital presentation in theaters.   
“We couldn't be more supportive of our colleagues at Sony DCSS who are offering exhibitors a compelling digital cinema experience ” Blake says. “These agreements continue to push the evolution of our industry to 4K from acquisition through to exhibition.”
  “We’re excited to be working with Fox Paramount and Sony Pictures to further facilitate the motion picture industry’s global digital transition ” says Mike Fidler senior vice president of Sony’s Digital Cinema Solutions and Services group. “These studios understand the value of 4K technology along with providing an integrated range of services to exhibitors – from equipment installation maintenance and alternative programming to security digital signage and advertising. A successful digital cinema business model requires a one-stop shopping approach that only Sony can provide allowing exhibitors to maximize the benefits of the digital transition and to deliver an experience to the consumer that is beyond HD.” Paramount Pictures www.paramount.com Sony Pictures www.sonypictures.com Twentieth Century Fox www.fox.com ,394
Christie Supports Manhattan Short Film Festival,2008-10-04, Christie returned for the 11th straight year as the exclusive digital projection sponsor of last month’s annual Manhattan Short Film Festival. As the founding sponsor of the international festival Christie provided its Roadster HD18K 3-Chip DLP projector to screen the 12 festival finalists in MSFF's new location on Spring Street in New York City.

 According to festival director and founder Nick Mason the festival continues to grow in popularity every year with audiences exceeding expectations worldwide.  This year there were 429 entries from 42 countries from which twelve finalists were chosen.  The finalists were screened in theaters located across four continents and cities that range from Saint Petersburg in Russia to St. Kilda in Melbourne Australia.  An estimated global audience of more than 100 000 will determine the winners by voting for their favorites.   The Manhattan Short Film Festival unites audiences of every culture and nationality through the most creative short films in the world says Mason. Christie has played an integral role in our phenomenal growth.  They are among the pioneers in the industry that anticipated the impact of digital technology and supported innovative venues like MSFF where the new 
generation of filmmakers is making their mark.

 Reflecting on the caliber of entries in the festival Mason noted that three of last year's finalists went on to screen at the Sundance Film Festival in which one won; another was later nominated for an award by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts; and the third went on to receive an Oscar nomination.

 The Manhattan Short Film Festival was the first of its kind to fully embrace digital technology and reach out directly to theaters around the world that were going digital says Kathryn Cress vice president global and corporate marketing Christie. As a global leader in digital cinema Christie is committed to inspiring filmmakers everywhere helping to expand the community of artists in new and exciting ways.
 Christie Digital Systems www.christiedigital.com Manhattan Short Film Festival www.manhattanshort.com ,404
Lost Heroes CSI and The Middleman Producers Anchor Panel at SMPTE 2008,2008-10-04,Pioneering show runners Jesse Alexander (Heroes Lost) Tim Kring (Heroes Crossing Jordan) Javier Grillo-Marxuach (The Middleman Medium) and Naren Shankar (CSI UC: Undercover) will partake in an in-depth panel discussion about transmedia — branding and storytelling across multiple media channels — at SMPTE's annual fall conference later this month.  They are the first of several top creative talents to be named to the session which will be moderated by noted author and journalist David Kushner and sponsored by the Fast Company magazine. Rebel Alliance – Geeks Lead Hollywood into a New Era will take place Tuesday October 28 from 10:15 AM – 11:45 AM at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood California. Produced by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers the leading technical society for the international motion imaging industry SMPTE 2008 is dedicated to content creation management distribution and display technologies. “These amazing talents are harnessing technology to transform entertainment ” says Kimberly Maki SMPTE and SMPTE 2008 executive director. “It will be inspirational to see the work our engineers have enabled and to gain a sense of what we need to invent next.” Rebel Alliance is the outgrowth of a Kushner/Fast Company feature in which the writer detailed how a group of Hollywood creatives is redefining branding and entertainment for the convergent interactive age. The transmedia session is part of SMPTE 2008’s opening morning activities which also include an address by world-renowned scientist Karlheinz Brandenburg widely called the “father of MP3.” SMPTE 2008 is a professional educational conference and trade show featuring the latest media technologies and innovations likely to become reality within the next five years. International thought leaders will present peer-reviewed white papers case studies and tutorials and leading entertainment hardware software and service companies will provide hands on demonstrations of their latest solutions. SMPTE 2008 will shine a light on a wide range of issues including: ·    Digital convergence: 3D games and movies in the home ·    DTV: moving toward an analogue–free future ·    New displays ·    Digital image acquisition and quality standards ·    IPTV and Internet video Kushner reports on the key leaders and innovators of the information age as a contributing editor of Wired and Rolling Stone magazines and a frequent guest on CNN and NPR. Companies interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at SMPTE 2008 should contact Kimberly Maki 914 761-1100 x4960. SMPTE 2008: Annual Tech Conference & Expo http://smpte2008.org ,406
Doorpost Film Project Awards $100 000 to Filmmaker John Gray,2008-10-04, The Doorpost Film Project announced that filmmaker John Gray won the $100 000 grand prize for his dramatic short film Before I Wake which explores one man’s confrontation and eventual emotional release from the haunting paralyzing effects of familial sexual abuse in his past. The Doorpost Film Project in its inaugural year is an international online short filmmaking community designed to serve visionary filmmakers; the Project convened in Nashville September 11-13 for its culminating symposium and awards ceremony.

 “The topic of the film is hope—it’s the story of a damaged man who has been given the opportunity to face the demons in his past and to walk towards freedom deliverance and intimacy ” says Gray. “I am grateful for the Doorpost Film Project for giving me the resources to develop and show my film. This was only my second time directing so I look forward to continuing to grow and mature in the craft of filmmaking.”

 In addition to the $100 000 grand prize Gray will receive scheduled meetings in Los Angeles with development studio executives at motion picture studios. The Doorpost also awarded $30 000 to second place winner Nashvillian Erik Hollander and $20 000 to Los Angeles-based Bragi Schut who took third place. Hollander’s emotionally-charged short Alius Primorus tackled a father’s guilt over his estranged relationship with his son whom he lost on 9/11 while Schut’s light-hearted Charlie Thistle follows the protagonist’s humorous journey of self-discovery working at the Department of Normality. “The Doorpost’s primary objective is to locate and then equip emerging filmmakers in the entertainment industry while encouraging a serious dialog about film’s ability to enact change in the world ” says Nathan Elliott director of the Project. “The response was enormous. Doorpost received nearly 300 submissions and the Web site received over 250 000 hits from more than 122 countries around the world—a reflection of people’s excitement and hunger for this type of project. We are already looking toward 2009 being even more successful.”

 During phase one of the Doorpost Film Project hopeful filmmakers from around the globe tackled the topics of love greed redemption pain forgiveness freedom and energy in non-genre specific five-minute shorts. Each submitted film went through a two-level judging process: online viewers and a panel of prominent film industry professionals. Each of the selected 15 finalists were provided $10 000 to produce a final-round short film (eight-15 minutes) based on the designated topic of hope.

The awards presentation was attended by special guest and producer Ralph Winter (X-Men Fantastic Four Star Trek series The Visitation Mighty Joe Young and in pre- production The Screwtape Letters) who conducted a Q&A with each of the winning filmmakers. The Festival itself was captured via a live stream to the Doorpost Web site www.thedoorpost.com where online viewers could watch the night unfold.

Prior to the awards ceremony family friends and fans joined the top 15 finalists on the red carpet at Nashville’s independent Belcourt Theatre. Each of the top 15 finalists received a crystal plaque trophy to commemorate their accomplishment. Following the ceremony the finalists migrated to a local restaurant to celebrate at an after-party. 

 “The success of our inaugural year proves that there is a strong market for online short film ” Elliott says. “There is a new generation of filmmakers capable of telling stories that can overcome division and make a positive statement to the world through the international language of film.”  Topics for the 2nd annual Doorpost Film Project will be freedom redemption forgiveness humility and joy. Submissions will be accepted starting January 1 2009.  
 The Doorpost Film Project www.thedoorpost.com ,409
Hollywood Post Alliance Announces Award Nominees,2008-10-04, Nominations were announced by the Hollywood Post Alliance for the Third Annual HPA Awards.   Winners of the prestigious HPA Award will be announced on November 6 at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles California. The awards launched in 2006 acknowledge creative and technical excellence in the art science and craft of post production in twelve categories. The HPA Awards recognize the abilities of the talented men and women behind the scenes that are a vital part in the creation of motion pictures commercials and television. HPA President Leon Silverman says For the third year the HPA Awards are honored with the highest caliber of talent and skill. The HPA Awards were created to pay homage to the people who make the art happen and the creative partners in the process. The nominees all of the entrants and the companies behind them are the finest part of the business. Nominees for the HPA Awards include: Outstanding Color Grading Feature Film in a DI Process Iron Man                  Steven J. Scott (EFilm) Sweeney Todd                 Stefan Sonnenfeld (Company 3)                 Kite Runner                  Mike Sowa (LaserPacific Media Corporation) Outstanding Color Grading - Television Pushing Daisies “The Fun in Funerals”         Joe Hathaway (LaserPacific Media Corporation) ESPN: The Masters             Siggy Ferstl (RIOT) Andromeda Strain Night 2: “Part 1”     Mike Sowa (LaserPacific Media Corporation) Outstanding Color Grading - Commercial Travelers Insurance “Delivery” Sean Coleman (Company 3) Farmers Help Point “Drowned Circus” Stefan Sonnenfeld (Company 3) Jaguar “XF Hush”                     Alex Bickel (Outside Editorial) Outstanding Editing – Feature Film Iron Man Dan Lebental A.C.E. Into the Wild Jay Cassidy A.C.E. The Dark Knight Lee Smith A.C.E. Outstanding Editing - Television Mad Men “Indian Summer”             David J. Siegel A.C.E. Breaking Bad (Pilot Episode)             Lynne Willingham A.C.E. (Sony Pictures Entertainment) Pushing Daisies “Pie-lette”              Stuart Bass A.C.E.         Outstanding Editing - Commercial American Express “Airport Lounge” Chris Franklin (Big Sky Editorial) Jaguar “XF Hush” Neil Gust (Outside Editorial) Audi “Dream Cars” Jeff Ferruzzo (Outside Editorial)         Outstanding Audio Post - Feature Film Wanted                      Wylie Stateman and Harry Cohen (Soundelux) & Christopher Jenkins and Frank A. Montano (Universal Studios) Wall-E                          Ben Burtt (Pixar Animation Studios) Tom Myers Michael Semanick and Matthew Wood (Skywalker Sound) Into the Wild                     Michael Minkler (Todd AO) Lora Hirschberg (Skywalker Sound) and Martin Hernandez (Ztrackz) Outstanding Audio Post - Television CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION Cockroaches           Mace Matiosian Ruth Adelman David Vanslyke Bill Smith Yuri Reese and Jivan Tahmizian (Todd-AO)                 John Adams Episode 3: “Don’t Tread on Me”     Marc Fishman and Tony Lamberti (Todd-AO) & Stephen Hunter Flick and Vanessa Lapato (Warner Brothers Post) R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour Don't Think About It          Sam Kaufmann and John Schell (Media City Sound) Outstanding Audio Post - Commercial Samaritans “Vectorscope” Joe Mount (Wave Recording Studios) Audi RS6 “Gymnast”                             Tony Rapaccioli and Warren Hamilton (Wave Recording Studios and Tonic) Playstation 3 “Universe”                         Nathan Dubin (Margarita Mix Santa Monica) Outstanding Compositing - Commercial Dunkelziffer e.V. “Tentacle”   Jamie White Toby Walton Matt Burn and Nathan Kane (Absolute Post) Pontiac “Shwayze” Patrick Poulatian and Robert Sethi (Brickyard VFX) MasterCard “Mini”                 Chris Franklin and Ryan Sears (Big Sky Editorial) In addition to the categories announced Dean of the USC School of Cinematic Arts Elizabeth M. Daley will receive the first Charles S. Swartz award which honors individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the field of post production—an industry in a state of an expanding creative palette and of dynamic transition as a result of digital technologies and societal changes. The award recognizes Daley’s important contributions to our industry in helping to prepare the filmmakers of the future for their careers in an era of significant creative and technological possibilities. Also on November 6 Ron Burdett will receive the organization’s Lifetime Achievement Award. During a 30-year career Ron has committed himself to the post-production industry through technical innovation and his service to the industry including a key role in launching the HPA. The HPA Engineering Excellence Award winner which will be announced later this month will also be awarded at the gala. The Hollywood Post Alliance www.hpaonline.com HPA Awards www.hpaawards.com ,410
IFTA Board Gains Four Industry Leaders,2008-10-04, The Independent Film & Television Alliance announced the results of its board of directors election in which four industry leaders will join the global trade organization’s executive committee. The announcement was made by Jean Prewitt president and chief executive officer of IFTA. Elected to two-year terms on the IFTA executive committee are Roger Corman vice chairperson (New Horizons Picture Corporation); Elisabeth Costa de Beauregard Rose chairperson of the Export Alliance (Lakeshore Entertainment Group); Albert Lee vice chairperson (Emperor Motion Pictures Limited HK); and Avi Lerner vice chairperson/finance (Nu Image Inc.). Executive committee members whose terms continue for another year are Lloyd Kaufman chairperson (Troma Entertainment); Michael Ryan vice chairperson (Handmade Films International); and Paul Hertzberg vice chairperson/secretary (CineTel Films Inc.).

 The IFTA board of directors consists of 20 members serving two-year terms. Newly-elected board members who are serving on the board for the first time include Clay Epstein (The Little Film Company) Kim Fox (QED International) Jay Joyce (Artist View Entertainment Inc.) Brian O’Shea (Odd Lot International) and Adam Wright (Regent Worldwide Sales LLC).
 Individuals returning to the board include Steve Bickel (The Film Department) Nicolas Chartier (Voltage Pictures) Kirk D’Amico (Myriad Pictures) Mark Damon (Foresight Unlimited) Richard Guardian (Lightning Entertainment) Brad Krevoy (Motion Picture Corporation of America) and Kathy Morgan (Kathy Morgan International).
They join current board members Stephanie Denton (Bold Films) Brad Kembel (Summit Entertainment LLC) Nicole Mackey (Fortissimo Films UK) Almira Malyshev (Screen Media Ventures LLC) Charlotte Mickie (Maximum Films International) Barbara Mudge (Worldwide Film Entertainment LLC) Nestor Nieves (Independent) and Andrew Stevens (Stevens Entertainment Group Inc.).
  I am looking forward to working with our new executive committee and board of director members who I believe comprise one of the industry’s strongest groups of executives ” says Prewitt. “I also want to extend my gratitude to our outgoing directors for the important leadership dedication and guidance they provided to me and IFTA during their terms.” Kaufman says “Over the past year IFTA has claimed a leading position in addressing key issues affecting the state of the independents.This is in large part due to the vision and contributions of our board members as well as the hard work and tenacity of President/CEO Jean Prewitt Executive Vice President Jonathan Wolf and the entire IFTA team. The incoming board members are some of our industry’s leading figures and I’m confident over the next 12 months IFTA will continue to grow its brand internationally and keep fighting to protect the creative and economic interests of the independent business.” The Independent Film & Television Alliance www.ifta-online.org