Vue Entertainment Embraces Unique Digital Products

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Thu, 12/08/2016 - 11:39 -- Nick Dager

Vue Entertainment, UK has signed a multi-product deal with Unique Digital to transform the way Vue manages its digital cinema estate. Vue has deployed Unique Digital’s Smart Trailering centralized trailer planner, Basekey KDM management tool and Ad-Transit pre-show automation solution.

Using Unique Digital’s Smart Trailering software, the Vue trailer pre-show is created centrally for the entire estate, and delivered to sites in a single coordinated workflow. Taking advantage of Smart Trailering’s intelligent trailer library enables optimal trailer inclusion; the Vue solution also includes full management of in-house DCP content and overall show structure.

Ad-transit works in tandem with Advertising Accord, Unique’s advertising management system utilized by DCM to schedule the advertising element of the pre-show. By integrating with the Sony TMS API, pre-show playlists are automatically assigned to the feature show playlists saving hundreds of hours of manual work across the estate.

Basekey is the final complimenting solution, automatically delivering KDMs e-mailed from Distribution directly to the screen server and providing receipt of delivery.

“What Unique Digital have been able to offer is a cross platform pre-show and KDM solution that combines intelligence with ease of delivery and use,” said Roland Jones, executive director technical services Vue Entertainment. “We enjoy a good working relationship with Unique and when discussing the issues faced providing a centralized, automated and intelligent pre-show construction we felt their product suite met all of our needs.”

“Vue offered us a challenge we were looking to embrace, taking our three solutions from our product suite and working with Vue to adapt to their workflow. We are a software team, its what we do and we are delighted to be rewarded with a contract by Vue for our innovation,” said Phil Morris, COO of Unique Digital.

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