Volfoni Withdraws Opposition to RealD Patent

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Mon, 02/19/2018 - 11:11 -- Nick Dager

Volfoni today announced that it has voluntarily withdrawn its opposition against the granting of RealD’s patent no. EP2067066 in Europe.  Volfoni made this strategic business decision due to the fact, the company says, there is no infringement between Volfoni’s current generation of products and RealD’s patent.  

Consequently, the EP2067066 patent owned by RealD will now continue to prevent other third-party companies that may infringe this patent, such as GetD, LeVision and DepthQ, from competing against Volfoni’s own products both in Europe and the rest of the world. 

The European patent EP2067066 is part of the US8220934 patent family owned by RealD and absolutely mandates the use of an optical component called a polarization rotator in order to be able to function correctly. However, Volfoni has made significant investments in R&D to develop its own 3D technology that eliminates the necessity of using such component, thereby providing for a higher light efficiency and improved image quality as compared to other products supplied by our competitors.

Volfoni’s own 3D technology is protected by its own US granted patent no. US9594255 as well as a host of other granted and pending patents throughout the world, and since none of Volfoni’s current products utilize a polarization rotator, then Volfoni’s products do not infringe either the European patent no. EP2067066 from RealD nor their associated US8220934 patent family anywhere in the world.

Despite this fact, RealD recently filed a lawsuit against Volfoni in the Düsseldorf court, Germany, based on their incorrect analysis that a polarization rotator was present in Volfoni’s current products. Volfoni very much welcomes the opportunity to prove once and for all in a court of law that its products do not infringe this patent. 

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