Volfoni Launches Landmark Upgrade Program

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Fri, 09/01/2017 - 12:09 -- Nick Dager

Volfoni Limited launched an upgrade program designed to provide a path from legacy 3D cinema hardware systems from other manufacturers to the latest-generation 3D cinema hardware systems from Volfoni. The manufacturers included in the program are MasterImage, Dolby and XpanD. The program recognizes the past investments that customers have made, and provides incentives to let them easily and affordably replace outdated 3D systems.  

“We see a tremendous demand for this program as exhibitors look to upgrade their legacy systems to the latest-generation 3D systems.  Often their existing 3D systems are out of their warranty period, which can result in unexpected costs, higher costs of maintenance and limited parts availability,” said Alain Chamaillard, senior regional sales director for Volfoni.  “The new program allows new and existing customers to upgrade these legacy systems with special incentives from Volfoni.”

“The launch of the Volfoni Upgrade Program demonstrates Volfoni’s commitment to exhibitors and to support them with them with new technology. Volfoni’s new 3D cinema systems are engineered to have a lower total cost of ownership, have higher LEF performance, which delivers brighter 3D projections for audiences, and are backed by multi-year warranties with guaranteed parts availability,” said Francois Inizan, global head of sales for Volfoni. “The time is right to upgrade your legacy 3D cinema systems to the latest technology.”

The Volfoni Upgrade Program is a limited time offer, running from September through the end of the year 2017.  

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