Volfoni Issues Statement in Response to RealD Lawsuit

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Thu, 12/21/2017 - 09:14 -- Nick Dager

In response to the patent infringement lawsuit filed by RealD against it Volfoni today issued the following official statement on innovation to the cinema industry:  

“The cinema Industry is on the verge of its next transformation with new technologies and new services on the horizon. Volfoni has proven itself to be an innovator in the industry, bringing new products and services to market.  As incumbent suppliers’ fear the threat of innovation, and the potential disruption of their markets, they may resort to threatening their competitors and threatening their customers.  Volfoni is of the definitive position that this type of behavior has to stop.”

“Innovation in the cinema industry is at an all time high, and Volfoni is proud to be riding this new wave of innovation, bringing new and more advanced products to the market.  Rather than fighting over the proverbial ’olive tree‘, (i.e. fighting against innovation), Volfoni calls on all participants in the market to be forward looking and focus on bringing the best new technologies possible to the market.”

“Volfoni has now evolved into what we call Volfoni 2.0 – now part of a larger group with strong financial backing, and an equally strong IP portfolio. Volfoni is pleased that the nagging question of intellectual property will soon be settled in court, openly and objectively, rather than by innuendo, providing Volfoni with a voice.”

“Volfoni is a strong and committed partner to our business partners and our customers. We are prepared to defend ourselves, our products, our partners and our customers to the greatest extent possible under the law. We have full confidence in the legal basis and IP basis of our products in all of the markets that we serve.”

“In the coming weeks, Volfoni will be launching new products and new technologies that will revolutionize the 3D cinema hardware technology. Innovation and change can be difficult both professionally and psychologically for existing players in the market. As Joseph Schumpeter wrote, the ‘gales of creative destruction’ periodically sweep through industries, sinking weak and outdated companies.”

“Volfoni firmly believes that the cinema industry needs innovation, not threats. The time for this type of behavior has come to an end. The time for forward-thinking and break-through innovation is at hand.”