Vieshow Opens Taiwan’s First All-THX-Certified Theatre

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Wed, 03/04/2020 - 09:55 -- Nick Dager

Vieshow has opened the first all-THX certified theatre in Taiwan. The Vieshow Muvie Cinemas, which opened in late January, is located in the affluent uptown Xinyi district of Taipei. The theatre has the seating capacity for 1,147 moviegoers in eight auditoriums.

Vieshow has opened the first all-THX certified theatre in Taiwan. “Vieshow is pleased to partner with the renowned THX team to help us ensure the Muvie Cinemas provide the highest quality movie playback experience,” said Dennis Wu, chairman of Vieshow Cinemas. “THX is a great partner and we believe this will quickly become a favorite venue for movie goers in Taipei.”

The Muvie Cinemas are THX Certified with 4K laser projection and 7.1 surround sound. To certify the Vieshow Muvie Cinemas, THX conducted reviews of the eight auditoriums, providing audio and video design services and advice, including testing and calibration to adjust the audio and video capabilities until the playback experience met this highest of standards. After passing several design, audio, and visual certification performance steps, the Muvie Cinemas in Taipei are now THX Certified Cinema auditoriums.

“THX is honored to be a part of Vieshow’s new best-in-class cinema brand, Muvie Cinemas, which serves as a champion of the audio and video entertainment standards aligned with the THX mission,” said Norma Garcia-Muro, director, industry and cinema marketing, THX Ltd. “This new offering complements the THX mission to bring high-fidelity entertainment enjoyment to audiences worldwide, and we look forward to connecting with all the moviegoers of Taipei.”