Videohouse Upgrades its Subtitling Capabilities

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Tue, 06/04/2019 - 11:50 -- Nick Dager

Belgium media facility Videohouse recently upgraded its SubtitleNext Explorer and Expert software suites from PBT EU, primarily for creating subtitles for TV series and movies. Videohouse chose SubtitleNext in September 2018, to enhance its content services department. Since then, Videohouse has been working nonstop on several projects that have been subtitled using SubtitleNext. Recent notable projects include series Vikings, Big Little Lies and Siren.

Elisabeth Barber, Videohouse’s subtitler/translator said, “It’s been very busy, and it still is with work for HBO series and many other well-known titles. With the latest upgrade of SubtitleNext we can tackle these projects with ease and even faster and we achieve excellent results thanks to SubtitleNext.”

Tailored personal preferences have been set up in SubtitleNext for each operator with keyboard shortcuts to provide direct access to and from individual workstations so that subtitle artists at the facility can easily switch source devices. Some of the shortcuts speed up the workflow process such as Go to Current Cue In, Go to Current Cue Out, Take In Linked and Take In out.  

“Everything is going very well, so we’re still very happy with our transition and investment in SubtitleNext technology. We’ve been enjoying using SubtitleNEXT right from the start and it has been in action here ever since,” Barber added.

Ann Van Bogaert, head of the subtitling /translation department at Videohouse said, “I use SubtitleNext on a daily basis and look forward to translating the upcoming HBO series two of Big Little Lies using the software.”

“We are very proud to be associated with Videohouse. The company holds a reputation of pursuing the best technology and expertise,” said Maria Markovska, PBT EU’s sales and product specialist. “The dedicated team at PBT EU strives to continually develop SubtitleNext and equip our customers with ever evolving efficient toolsets that meet the challenging demands in extremely high-pressured deadline-driven environments. The team at Videohouse face enormous workloads, and we are eager to lessen their load wherever we can with innovation that works fast and efficiently and also delivers high-quality.”