Venice International Film Festival Selects GetD for 3D Screenings

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Mon, 08/01/2016 - 13:59 -- Nick Dager

For the first time, GetD 3D will supply its cinema systems and glasses for the 73rd Venice International Film Festival, taking place August 31 through September 10. The Venice International Film Festival is the oldest of its kind founded in 1932. 3D projection has become a tradition for many years and the organizers will have another promising line up in 2016.

GetD will be providing 5,000 of its high range GT410 active glasses and related IR technology systems for all the major venues during the whole festival. GetD as new global growing 3D market supplier, is pleased and honoured to showcase their active product line during this prestigious event, said Bernard Collard, senior vice president marketing sales & business development.

He said, “We are so glad to see that more and more exhibitors have eventually adopted GetD products and start now appreciating GetD quality and reliability, not mentioning excellent services offered by our well-known and expert local partners. In this case technical support will be delivered by our trusted partner Cinemeccanica during the whole event.”

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