Utopia/Utopolis Upgrades 45 Installations with MasterImage 3D

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Sat, 12/11/2010 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

The Benelux-based Utopia/Utopolis Group is planning to boost its 3D business with 45 MasterImage 3D installations. As the very first exhibitor to have projected digital 3D at its main sites in the Benelux countries Utopia/Utopolis Group one of the major cinema circuits in Belgium Holland and Luxembourg  entered into a deal with FTT Benelux youngest member of the FTT family for the supply and installation of 45 MasterImage 3D digital cinema systems. Moreover FTT also won the bid for the supply and installation of all silver screens for the group.   Thomas Rüttgers managing partner of FTT group says “We are very happy that our new subsidiary will implement its first long-time project together with Utopolis. They have been our customers for such a long time already and we are delighted that they have expressed their confidence in us one more time.”   Nico Simon general manager of Utopia says “Having tested different options we think that the MasterImage 3D solution is the one that suits our requirements best and look forward to co-operating with FTT once again. For us it was surely a crucial factor that they have a relevant experience in digital 3D installations and branch offices close to our cinemas.”   Brian Kercher managing director of MasterImage 3D Europe cinema says “3D is one of the important drivers of digital cinema and it surely stimulated the demand for digital cinema equipment. We are proud to work with FTT and Utopolis on this project as they are both renowned companies in their respective markets.”   The roll out for Utopolis was scheduled to start in December with the installations in Luxembourg and will then be carried out step by step in several waves. However at least four to six screens will be equipped by the end of this year. MasterImage www.masterimage.com