USL Launches CMS-2200 Cinema Media Server

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Tue, 03/04/2014 - 14:30 -- Nick Dager

USL CMS-2200 Cinema Media ServerUSL has launched the CMS-2200 Cinema Media Server with solid-state storage for the digital cinema industry. The new server features cross-platform Android, xOS (Mac), iOS (Apple), Linux and Windows-based Screen Management System and built-in automation with an optional CMSA-100 expansion unit.

The CMS-2200 supports decoding of 4K, High Frame Rate 2K images, and is HDMI 2D & 3D-compliant. Two USB 3.0 ports allow accelerated ingest of content and enable live streaming. CMS-2200 is a compact, projector-mounted unit and comes with a clear, concise operation manual and online videos for smooth installations. Also supported in the CMS-2200 is MPEG 2 for alternative content.

The CMS-2200 includes the USL patent-pending implementation of immersive sound, and pre-renders object-based sound within the media block, eliminating the need for an expensive external rendering system. The CMS-2200 features multi-screen support and the ability to transfer keys and content from a library server or manager’s station.

Founder, president and chief technical designer Jack Cashin and his engineering team at USL recognized the need for a full-featured, economical standalone cinema media server. This culminated in the creation of the inventive CMS-2200.

“Our cinema media server gives digital-cinema operators the capability of storing and presenting 2K, 2D & 3D movies in HFR, up to 60 frames per second,” Cashin said. 4K 2D movies can be shown at rates up to 30 fps.

“USL has already demonstrated the advantages of rendering immersive sound within the media block. We are active in the SMPTE standards committees on immersive sound to ensure the CMS-2200 will play DCPs with standardized immersive sound,” Cashin added.

USL will demonstrate the CMS-2200 at the 2014 CinemaCon in Las Vegas, March 24-27.