Ushio America Partners with Matex Controls

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Mon, 01/30/2017 - 14:29 -- Nick Dager

Ushio America has partnered with Matex Controls, makers of the Virtual Energy Management System platform, which is designed specifically for cinema buildings. The system claims offers energy savings of more than 25 percent over time with no out of pocket expense to exhibitors.

Ushio America has partnered with Matex Controls.According to the companies, VEMS is a universal platform that integrates IT systems and the technical infrastructure of a building. The system is based on the idea of a human-operator who constantly analyses technological load of the building, atmospheric conditions and ERP data, and adjusts the operation of ventilation, air-conditioning and electrical systems to the current needs. The program is easily configurable and scalable; it has auto-adaptation tools and can be integrated with any external system or installation. 

The technology can be used in any building regardless of its age and the technology used. VEMS integrates the systems from the user level and does not invalidate warranties of external systems. The system also examines current technological load of a building and sets an operating regime for the system, thus allowing for its efficient functioning at the same time maintaining the highest comfort level for the occupants of the building, the companies said.  

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