Unique Digital Releases Smart Trailering v2

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Fri, 06/16/2017 - 10:50 -- Nick Dager

Unique Digital has released version 2 of their Smart Trailering system with a new, user friendly, ergonomic user interface. Version 2 is available immediately to all exhibitors in Sweden and Finland, alongside existing major clients in the UK and Norway.

Designed to be used by an exhibitor’s film booking department, it allows for centralized scheduling of trailer playlists from any web browser. Completed trailer playlists are sent directly to screen where they are automatically inserted into the show play list. This completely removes the need for any human intervention in the booth, creating a highly automated and accountable system.

Smart Trailering removes all the common playlist building mistakes; ensuring the correct trailer version, certification and nil duplication are some of the logic applied automatically by the software.

Unique Digital’s chief operating officer Phil Morris said, “We are extremely excited to provide this innovative and time saving solution. Trailering is an area of the pre-show which has longed for a robust solution and we are very proud to be able to offer the solution exhibitors in Sweden and Finland, adding to our to our existing customers in Norway and the UK.”

Smart Trailering is compatible with all TMS models that support pre-show API connectivity, such as Unique Digital’s own RosettaBridge and any other TMSs from leading vendors.

Unique Digital http://www.uniquedigitalcinema.com