Unique Digital Releases Basekey Cloud

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Thu, 06/15/2017 - 14:38 -- Nick Dager

Unique Digital has released Basekey Cloud, a sotware-only version of its key delivery message system Basekey. As the name suggests, Basekey Cloud requires no hardware to be installed within the theatre itself. The exhibitor simply enables a VPN connection to Basekey Cloud from their network to activate the service.

According to Unique Digital, Basekey Cloud maintains all the same features of the present Basekey including: centralized, electronic, KDM delivery directly to screen. Distributors and content providers simply e-mail KDMs directly to Basekey and the system does the rest, pushing the KDM directly to screen from the Basekey server while providing receipt of delivery for distribution.

This saves time and removes the need for human intervention inside the booth. Copying KDMs to USB from personal emails and manually ingesting into the projection equipment becomes a thing of the past. This streamlined process vastly reduces the time and complexity of installation, along with lower power consumption and less booth clutter for the exhibitor.

Unique Digital’s chief operating officer Phil Morris said, “At Unique Digital innovation is our driving motivation. We believe this is the first step towards more cloud-based services for the digital cinema industry. We listened to the market who said they want cost effective solutions without the need for more and more proprietary servers filling up their booth racks.”

Unique Digital http://www.uniquedigitalcinema.com