Unique Digital, MACCS International Integrate Digital Delivery Workflow to Cinemas

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Wed, 09/16/2015 - 14:28 -- Nick Dager

Unique Digital and MACCS International have completed the integration of a full end-to-end digital workflow for digital delivery to cinemas. The integrated systems enable film distributors to automate the delivery of DCPs and KDMs to cinemas via the DCinemaHub and Movie Transit platforms.

Unique’s Movie Transit is the world’s largest electronic point-to-point distribution system for DCP feature films. Initially deployed nationwide in Norway in 2012, the system has now been fully deployed in six territories, across over 1700 cinemas.

DCinemaHub, part of MaccsBox, is a global web-based communication platform for all parties involved in digital cinema management and deliveries, connecting distributors, post-production houses, shipping depots and cinemas through a single web interface to fully automate the ordering of DCPs and KDMs.

Benefitting from this new integration, users of the MACCS booking system will be able to create DCP and KDM orders and automatically synchronize them with DCinemaHub. The seamless integration between the Movie Transit and DCinemaHub platforms will ensure the deliveries of DCPs and KDMs are carried out on time, while the user has full visibility on the progress of each and every order in real-time.

“We’re very excited to be able to provide this integrated solution to our customers. We’re constantly working on ways to improve the Movie Transit™ platform to ensure the delivery process is as easy and efficient as possible. We strongly believe integration is key to ensuring an efficient workflow and optimizing the user experience for an error-free operation,” says Unique’s Nordic sales director Eyvind Ljungquist.

Jeroen Schlaman, MACCS International’s digital cinema project manager agrees, “We can finally offer the full potential of our DCinemaHub platform to our clients. We always strive to enhance existing tools and workflows as well as creating new features for the benefit of our customers and integrating with Unique is a logical step forward.”

The integration will be available immediately for all users of MACCS and Unique’s Movie Transit systems, currently deployed in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, UK & Ireland.