Unique Digital Launches Unique Ticket

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Tue, 06/20/2017 - 11:47 -- Nick Dager

At CineEurope 2017 in Barcelona, Spain today Unique Digital launched Unique Ticket, a new, socially aware online ticketing platform and mobile application.

Designed to work with the RosettaPOS (point of sale), Unique Ticket is available in either cloud-based (SaaS) or self-hosted formats and integrates directly with RosettaPOS and indirectly with Rosetta Net, Advertising Accord and the Unique Film Database.

Unique Ticket continues to extend the bedrock for Unique Digital’s Autonomous Cinema product offering.

“Unique Ticket is the natural progression for RosettaPOS, borne out of our understanding of the impact social media and the naturally social nature of cinema going,” said Greg Bridle, Unique Digital’s product manager. “Bringing together social media and online ticketing into the Unique Ticket mobile application and online platform means our customers can reach their customers, wherever they may be.”

RosettaPOS is capable of managing the needs of a multiple territory, multiple language exhibitor chain, or a small independent. All customers receive a full function and flexible POS system that can be deployed quickly and cleanly to any estate. Providing collaborative movie scheduling, real-time reporting, integrated signage and an autonomous web ticketing solution, RosettaPOS provides all of exhibition’s POS needs from the outset.

“Where RosettaPOS is going to turn traditional point of sale on it’s head, Unique Ticket is going to push the boundaries even further and the roadmap for 2017 and beyond is already full, with more ground-breaking features,” Bridle said.

Unique Ticket is now available for limited preview.

Unique Digital http://www.uniquedigitalcinema.com