UltraStar Cinemas Installs Digital Signage

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Tue, 08/11/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

UltraStar Cinemas has installed digital menu boards on concession counters and box offices. Corn Digital provided the systems. “Our new digital menu board system presents well designed content that the motions really attracting movie goers’ eye balls ” says Kevin Stengle an executive for UltraStar Cinemas. “We have seen unexpected success in promotions of special items at several locations and were forced to turn of some of those digital signs for run out of stock.” At some of UltraStar’s new theatres customers are first greeted by two Ceres-200N 20-inch network signage at the entrances showing movie schedules pricing and special event information. Once in there are an array of 42-inch and 20-inch LCD displays showing movie trailers and dynamic menu board contents. People will also see digital movie posters before they enter for the main attraction. Corn Digital www.corndigital.com