UltraStar Cinemas to Install D-Box Seats in Scottsdale Theatre

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Thu, 08/12/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

D-Box Technologies has announced an agreement with San Diego-based UltraStar Cinemas to equip its new Scottsdale Arizona theatre with 26 D-Box MFX seats. The new Scottsdale UltraStar Cinemas is the sixth location for the theatre chain as well as the second site in the state to offer the incredibly immersive D-Box motion experience. The new movie theatre is scheduled to open this fall. This is our sixth movie theatre with UltraStar Cinemas says president and chief executive officer of D-Box Technologies Claude Mc Master. They have been a longstanding partner and supporter of our motion technology from the very beginning. As demand for D-Box continues to rise we expect to announce our expansion into many more new markets in North America and abroad. The team here at UltraStar Cinemas could not be more pleased with our partnership with D-Box. After a full year of operating D-Box's motion system in my theatres I can truly say that this is a technology that has made an impact and a difference in our business. Our current installations successfully draw guests from miles around and continue to generate additional income. It only made business sense to expand our D-Box offering says Damon Rubio executive vice president of Operations UltraStar Cinemas. D-Box www.d-box.com