UK Showcase Cinema De Lux Wins Digital Signage Award

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Sun, 06/28/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

UK-based digital signage company Beaver Solutions has won the AV Award 2008 for Digital Signage Project of the Year. The award was given for the innovative deployment of digital signage throughout three multi-million pound Showcase Cinema De Lux venues. Showcase Cinemas approached Scala and Beaver Solutions to provide digital signage throughout their concept cinemas in Derby Bristol and Leicester with the aim to create a paperless cinema experience. The idea was to create a high quality immersive cinema experience with functional and efficient methods of running their signage. Digital signage is integral to the cinema buildings with spaces for the screens being prebuilt into the structure. More than a hundred Sanyo 42-inch LCD panels were installed by Beaver Solutions displaying content for the box office concessions stands and spillways throughout the cinema. The screens are mounted using Vogel brackets in a variety of landscape and portrait positions with the high definition RGB signal delivered to the screens using structured cabling through Scion Pro9000 transmitters and receivers.
   With the Cinema De Lux concept Showcase creates enhanced recreational environments with luxury as a key feature. The digital signage fits in with the high quality surroundings and adds to the premier customer experience. With a digital signage solution movie posters trailers box office screens and menu boards are elegantly displayed and are easily updated. Traditionally printed signage would be used for the concessions stand menu boards and posters throughout the cinema with LED boards used to show movie times at the box office. The menu boards were not updated regularly and any new prices would be stuck over the top of old ones with labels. Movie posters would need to be unpacked put up and disposed of each week by hand by the cinema staff. 
 Movie posters now have more space for promotion without overwhelming the customer as they walk through the cinema. Details about a movie no longer have to fit on one sheet with the main image. The leading slide can catch the audience eye with the additional slides providing details of the movie. Menu boards are able to instantly react to any changes. Should a menu item go out-of-stock it can be removed from the menu. Similarly should stock be going out-of-date active promotion of that item can help move it quickly. The flexibility of digital signage allows Showcase to react when they need to to any unforeseeable events.