UK Cinema Admissions Increased by just over One Percent in 2008

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Mon, 01/26/2009 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

British cinema admissions totaled 164.2 million last year an increase of 1.1 percent according to figures from the Cinema Advertising Association. The 2008 summer period marked the highest number of cinema admissions for 40 years with UK venues attracting more than 50 million visitors (53 642 237) between June and August an increase of 5.6 percent year on year. It was the most successful period since 1969 with July the best single month for visits. Mamma Mia! became the highest-grossing British film and then the highest-grossing film in the UK with £69.2m while Quantum of Solace recorded the highest opening weekend for any film in the UK with £15.4m. Gemma Atkinson sales director for digital cinema media says The pull of the big screen remains incredibly strong. Despite consumer confidence sliding these admission figures prove that the cinema experience is one thing consumers are not prepared to sacrifice. The Cinema Advertising Association is a joint initiative between cinema advertising sales houses Pearl & Dean and Digital Cinema Media.