UCI, Smart Pricer Complete Dynamic Pricing Roll Out

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Wed, 06/06/2018 - 11:35 -- Nick Dager

Following January's announcement to roll out dynamic pricing to all of its German theatres, United Cinemas International Multiplex and Smart Pricer have successfully completed the roll-out three months ahead of schedule.

“The roll out itself was an incredibly smooth process. I would like to thank the implementation team consisting of UCI, Smart Pricer and Compeso very much for the fantastic job they have done,” said Jens Heinze, managing director of UCI.

Regarding the commercial impact Claas Eimer, commercial director of UCI said, "We are seeing good customer and employee acceptance. We look forward to improving the dynamic pricing model even further together with the Smart Pricer team."

Smart Pricer is a Berlin based company, which specializes in bringing airline-type dynamic pricing to the cinema, entertainment, ski and sports industries. The software links with the ticketing point of sale systems of cinemas, theatres, ski and sports venues to optimize ticket prices in real time. The exhibitors set the pricing rules in the web-interface, then the tool optimizes prices automatically for every single show.

“With the new pricing system, we aim to create a true win-win for moviegoers, distributors and exhibitors. Moviegoers are rewarded for booking early with more attractive prices. Distributors and exhibitors raise their online sales and increase revenues,” said Christian Kluge and Harald Paulus, managing directors of Smart Pricer and Compeso.

United Cinemas International Multiplex www.uci-kinowelt.de
Smart Pricer www.smart-pricer.com