Ubiquity Broadcasting Opens California Production Facility

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Mon, 06/13/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Ubiquity Broadcasting has expanded its creative capabilities with a 30 000 square foot digital cinema and 3D production facility in Los Angeles that includes three sound stages. We have decided to expand our business footprint here in Southern California as we position ourselves to lead the next wave of innovation focused on the integration of video social media and advertising services into a Web 3.0 experience says Chris Carmichael  Ubiquity Founder and CEO. Combining our broad patent portfolio with recent advances in mobile devices and broadband connectivity we finally have the elements required to create a ground breaking Web 3.0 experience. We are thrilled to have such strong industry leadership join the company to help support the rollout of our Web 3.0 business and products. We believe that the combination of high quality video integrated with social networking will be the next mass market phenomenon and we are timing our expansion to take advantage of the current explosion in consumer usage of video social networking and commerce services says Steve Jacobs Emmy Award Winning board member and former Sony Executive. We are delighted to see our patents come to life as they collectively become a game changer – with the combination of our strong products robust patent portfolio and our award winning team we are well positioned to play a dominate role in the coming Web 3.0 revolution says Connie Jordan  vice president of intellectual property patent co-author and co-founder. Designed from the ground up for digital cinema production Ubiquity's 30 000 square foot digital media production facility is based in the rapidly growing research center in Irvine California positioned between the Los Angeles film and television industry and San Diego's expanding telecommunications research centers. This new facility is ideal for the production of high quality and technological advanced professional content and any filmmaker would more than happy with the capabilities of Ubiquity Studios and its staff says director of cinematography  Mike Prickett whose work has been featured on numerous Imax features including X2: X-Men United and on recently the hit show Hawaii Five-0.