Twickenham Names Witkowski Director of Technology & Engineering

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Wed, 03/10/2021 - 09:33 -- Nick Dager

Managing director Cara Sheppard has announced that Tomasz Witkowski has been named director of technology & engineering of Twickenham Film Studios, which is operated by Time+Space Studios. She said the addition of Witkowski will enable the studios to completely rethink and fully evolve their technology and innovation offering, overseeing and developing a next level technology pipeline and creating bespoke technical services for their clients.

Tomasz Witkowski has been named director of technology & engineering of Twickenham Film Studios.Witkowski brings years of experience evolving and redeveloping production and post-production workflows and processes. He previously worked for Dolby Laboratories, Eclair, Ymagis Group, Sundog Media Toolkit and Arttech Cinema, among others, and has more than 12 years’ experience in the global film and TV industry. He is also a co-founder of the Soho Media Club, a network for production, post-production and distribution professionals.

In this new role he will be responsible for transforming the studios’ technology pipelines, workflow, network infrastructure and evolving our future technology strategy and offering.

Sheppard said, “I am delighted to welcome Tom to the team. His energy, vast knowledge and vision for the future of innovation at Twickenham Film Studios is so key to inspiring a new era and evolving our offering as a studio. His experience of working closely with production, leading diverse operational and technical teams, to deliver engineering solutions that achieve production and operational efficiencies mean he will bring much needed expertise to the studios. His appointment is a fundamental stepping-stone towards positioning TFS as a technology and innovation hub focused around modern production workflows. We are continuing to evolve and grow our studios and I am incredibly excited about the future of Twickenham Film Studios.”

Witkowski said, “I’m extremely proud to be taking up this new position and delighted to join Twickenham Film Studios at such a key time where I can help drive the next phase of TFS’s evolution and growth. I am totally focused on repurposing the entire technical infrastructure and expanding and evolving our current technical services and facilities. I feel it is so important to lead our talented team, bringing them on board to implement a renewed innovation, technology and workflow strategy. I also very much look forward to bringing in a raft of new technology, software, tools and techniques to better serve our clients now and in the future. Technology is rapidly changing what clients expect from the services studios provide, and we want to stay one step ahead of these needs. In doing so, my focus will be on using technology to raise the bar and further enrich the relationship with our clients.”