Twelfth Maui Film Festival Set for June

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Wed, 04/13/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Celebrating over a decade of cinema under-the-stars the 12th Annual Maui Film Festival is carrying on its tradition of presenting great films and artists on one of the world's most beautiful islands from June 15-19 at the Wailea Resort. Screenings will also again take place at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center in Kahului.  With a schedule packed with uplifting cinema tributes to film industry luminaries spectacular celebrations that feature the culinary artistry of the Wailea Resorts' chefs and cultural performances—this year's festival will once again deliver a relaxing and enjoyable opportunity for festival goers to enjoy life in one of the most perfect places imaginable. This year the festival anticipates over 35 film screenings to take place over the course of its five-day run at multiple venues including the festival’s crown jewel venue the Celestial Cinema.  The Celestial Cinema is an open air Dolby Digital-equipped outdoor theatre with a 50-foot wide screen located at the Wailea Gold & Emerald Golf Course.   And in a continued effort to allow Festival attendees to take home magical memories yet leave only footprints the Maui Film Festival will again energize its crown jewel Wailea by converting the sun’s rays from Wailea’s abundant sunshine into sufficient photovoltaic power to energize the event. Heading into our second decade this year's Maui Film Festival staff is more committed than ever to presenting movies that matter luminaries worthy of Festival tributes and culinary arts celebrations to be remembered for a lifetime ” says festival director Barry Rivers “We hope that everyone who can make it to Maui will enjoy the ride.” ,2351
Rushes Installs Cintel ditto Film Scanner,2011-04-14, Rushes Post Production London has purchased a diTTo evolution film scanner from Cintel International.  The diTTo evolution will scan 35mm 2 3 and 4-perf film as well as 16mm film to 2K and 4K data for grading in the Resolve Color Correction suite.
 Rushes’ technical director Tim Wharton says “Image quality is the major consideration in everything we do at Rushes and the images from diTTo evolution are second to none.  We primarily work in 2K DPX files and diTTo evolution captures the full dynamic range and resolution of the negative with rock solid pin-registration stability which is essential to enable maximum flexibility in the visual effects compositing and colour correction stages. In addition to this the EDL handling capabilities of diTTo evolution coupled with its fast shuttle capability and scanning speed make the film scanning workflow very efficient.”
 Cintel’s business development manager Simon Clark says “We are very pleased to see our latest film scanner being chosen by one of the finest post production facilities in the world.  Rushes have a great reputation for quality in everything they do whether it be commercials music promos or features and we’ve worked closely with them to ensure diTTo evolution meets their demands for high quality and efficient film scanning.” ,2352
Spatial View Signs Licensing Agreement for PassmoreLab 3D Content,2011-04-14, Spatial View’s online source of stereo 3D content has entered into a licensing agreement with San Diego-based 3D Studio PassmoreLab for a number of their 3D titles. 3DeeCentral includes paid and free 3D content available for 3D PCs mobile and internet-connected devices. The content agreement includes titles in the genres of science and nature music videos extreme sports and animation. The platforms support a number of 3D devices using active shutter glasses polarized glasses anaglyph and auto-stereoscopic technologies. Spatial View has licensed content from numerous independent 3D filmmakers bringing their total to over 100 3D titles.  They have positioned themselves as a 'go-to destination' for consumers looking for compelling 3D content. 3DeeCentral offers online stereo 3D content for a broad range of 3D devices says Al Lopez COO of Spatial View. Our objective is to offer the most comprehensive coverage of platforms as possible and our partnership with PassmoreLab gives us some beautifully-crafted high quality content offerings.” PassmoreLab’s 3D content will be available for purchase for direct delivery to 3D mobile devices.  The initial licensing term is for two years covering all territories worldwide.  Prices range from $1.99 to $6.99. The initial agreement consists of eight titles from PassmoreLab with more to follow.  Specifically the titles include: Science documentary The Extreme Nature of Bats Nature documentary Microworlds Documentary Glimpse – The Fine Art of Glass Blowing Part One of the Extreme Culture 3D series – Murrugun The Mystic The original 1968 George Romero zombie thriller Night of the Living Dead Now in 3D! Ed Wood’s 1959 cult classic Plan 9 from Outer Space Now in 3D! The PassmoreLab original animated short Holy Moly Glam rockers Semi Precious Weapons 3D rock video Magnetic Baby The timing is perfect for us to partner with 3DeeCentral as the 3D industry has expanded exponentially says Greg Passmore president of PassmoreLab.  We are happy to help it expand even further as a clip from one of our titles Semi Precious Weapons Magnetic Baby 3D rock video is also being featured on 3DeeCentral’s demo reel to entice other 3D content owners to join us.” ,2354
Spotlight Forms Exhibitor Relations Department,2011-04-14, The cinema ad company Spotlight Cinema Networks has formed a dedicated exhibitor relations department.
 The cinema advertising market has been very receptive to Spotlight since its launch last year.  Given this success we felt that this was the right time to launch an exhibitor relations department and bring aboard Ronnie Ycong as vice president ” says company president Jerry Rakfeldt. “Ronnie is one of the most experienced exhibitor relations executives in the U.S. and will lead the development of key niches to drive our growth.”
Prior to joining Spotlight Ycong was director of exhibitor relations at Screenvision where he was charged with maintaining and growing its exhibitor network. “I am excited about the opportunity with Spotlight and to work with a team focused on bringing a new approach to the cinema space ” says Ycong.