Trapman Uses Pictorvision Wescam on Acura Shoot

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Sun, 03/13/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Aerial director of photography John Trapman chose a Pictorvision Wescam system to shoot a new Acura MDX commercial spot. Shot at the picturesque Spray Lakes Reservoir in Kananaskis Country Alberta Canada the spot is slated to start airing in the Japanese market immediately upon completion. “The location was beautiful but cold and snow covered ” says Trapman. “It was about minus 40 degrees and the client wanted to shoot at 60 frames-per-second. Normally the camera would freeze up at those temperatures and at a high frame rate. In conditions like this we needed a system that would give us stable shots and also work in the extreme cold without failing. Pictorvision’s Wescam was the answer. It worked flawlessly. Trapman is presently shooting aerials for a major action film to be released late in 2011. “So far we’ve had two different missions ” he says. “One was to portray a news helicopter and gather ‘news’ footage of the scene and the other was to capture footage of a chase that ends with one vehicle going over the edge of the third story of a parking garage. “Again we needed a camera that was stable not only to capture clean news footage but also the chase with both scenes shot at long focal lengths ” he says. “We had very little time to get the shots since the production has a very tight schedule. Pictorvision made it easy since their gear works so well that we could just go from shot to shot with very little reset time.” Pictorvision