Tools for Creating in the 4th Dimension

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Mon, 01/05/2015 - 11:56 -- Nick Dager

Tool for Creating in the 4th Dimension – a new online course beginning this month – offers an introduction to the next generation of media including Holograms, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Lenticular Images, Autostereo, Volumetric Images, 3D Projection Mapping, and Pepper’s Ghost. The instructor is Linda Law, a digital/holographic artist, writer, educator, and consultant.

The eight-session online course will have weekly two-hour classes, which will take a detailed look at these new media tools.

According to Law, “In this course you will build an understanding of how each of these technologies work and how they interrelate, see a range of applications, and explore the work of leading design companies and artists who work with these technologies. From these classes you will build a base of knowledge that will enable you to make appropriate and educated decisions for your own use or for your clients.”

This initial course will be followed by a series of courses that will focus in greater depth on each of these topics in turn.

Tools for Creating in the 4th Dimension begins on Saturday January 10th, time to be determined based on the time zones students.

The dates are:

Jan 10 Holograms

Jan 17 Pepper’s Ghost

Jan 24 Lenticulars

Jan 31 Volumetric Displays, Parabolic Displays, 3D Projection Mapping

Feb 7 Autostereo

Feb 14 Augmented Reality

Feb 21 Virtual Reality

Feb 28 How these media may evolve with examples of the work of leading artists and designers in these fields.

The fee for the course is $600. People who sign up before midnight January 5th, and pay in full, can register for the course for a reduced fee of $500.

All classes will be recorded and made available to students within a few days after the class.

For more information contact Linda Law at [email protected].